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Top 6 Lockdown Lighting Projects

With increased and extended Covid lockdowns, it can be difficult to know how to spend this extra time at home.  With this in mind, we have put together a list of our top 6 lockdown lighting projects that won’t cost you the earth, that you will enjoy doing, and your home will love you for!

1. add a lamp to your workspace

This is becoming increasingly important, as many of us spend a lot more time working from home.  Adding a desk lamp to your workspace will help get the task done, but getting the right desk lamp is crucial.

Desk lamps are designed to provide “task” lighting, so it’s important that your desk lamp provide you the right lighting to get the job done, so before looking at the range of options available, it is a good idea to consider some practical elements of your space first.

Ask yourself these questions:

How large is my work space?
Do I have adequate space on my desk for placement of a lamp?
Do I only work from a desk? Are there other areas of my work space that need lighting?

By taking the time to consider the requirements of your space, you will ensure the best lighting is achieved from your desk lamp.

As a good rule, the right desk lamp should provide:
• A clear, bright light;
• A relatively focused beam with minimal glare; and
• An adjustable design that can accommodate a range of tasks.

Click here to see our top tips for getting your desk lamp selection right.

Lighting Projects - add a lamp

2. switch your globes to led

Many of us still have old globe technology around our home.  Maybe in the form of incandescent globes or fluorescent.  Lockdown is a great time to consider doing an assessment of what globes you are still using, and consider switching these out for LED.

LED globes might be a little more costly upfront, however, being a much more energy efficient form of lighting, using up to 70% less energy than more traditional globes, this cost is quickly made up. 

Besides being more energy efficient, LED globes have a number of other advantages.

  1. LED globes have a much longer lifespan, generally up to 30,000 hours.
  2. LED globes are much more environmentally friendly.
  3. LED globes are cool to the touch.
  4. LED globes are “instant on”.  Unlike, flourescent globes, there is no “heating up” time required.
Lighting projects - switch globes to LED

3. clean your ceiling fans

Cleaning your ceiling fans doesn’t have to be a big job, and keeping them clean and dust free is so important.  Not only does it ensure longevity of your fan’s operation, it also ensures the air that your fan is circulating around your home carries less dust with it.

Ideally, cleaning your ceiling fans should be done every month or two to ensure the least amount of dust build up.  We all know that sticky dust found on the top of kitchen cupboards, well our ceiling fans also capture that dust, and over time, that dust becomes “sticky” and more difficult to remove.  It can also damage painted finishes on your ceiling fan blades when chemical cleaners are required to remove it.

Cleaning your ceiling fans also doesn’t have to be as messy as you might think.  See our tips for cleaning your ceiling fan quickly and easily.

4. Brighten your home instantly with D.I.Y. batten fix lighting

D.I.Y. batten fix light fittings are a quick and easy way to upgrade or change the look of your space.  As they do not involve wiring, and fit straight over your existing batten fixture, installation is easy.

To install a D.I.Y. batten fix light fitting simply remove the skirt on the batten fix (this usually unscrews), slide the metal ware of your fitting over the exposed batten fix, and replace the skirt.  Remember, always check with your electrician before doing anything if you are unsure about the type of electrical fixtures you have in your home.

Batten fix light fittings are a great decorating solution for renters too – you can change the décor and look of your home without having to make costly, and possibly unauthorised, changes to the home.  Even better, you can take these with you when you move.

D.I.Y. batten fix light fittings are also an easy and affordable way to keep on trend, to replace bare lamp holders or old fashioned fittings, or simply to change things up when it comes to your own style and décor.

Lighting Projects - DIY batten fix

5. create the café vibe at home

So many of our favourite café spots are doing it tough right now, and while we cant wait to get back to supporting our local cafes, there are things you can do in your own home to create that café vibe.

You know that feeling you get as you enter your favourite hang out?  It’s a vibe you cant quite put your finger on.  One way café create this vibe is through lighting.  A bright, vibrant atmosphere by day, and a darker, more moody atmosphere by night. 

One way to create this feel in your home is through the addition of lamps.  Lamps can provide the perfect soft background lighting to create mood and cosiness.

Another thing you may notice about your local café is they tend to use dramatic lighting.  Experiment in your home with decorative lighting.  Maybe you could cluster a group of lights together, or go over sized, or select lighting options that also work as art, or simply change out some of your globes for more decorative filament options. 

Remember, what you love about your favourite café is the personality that shines through as you walk through the door. Use this to guide lighting options in your own home.

Lighting Projects - create cafe feel

6. get ready for summer outdoors

Summer is always coming!  Use this time spent at home to start planning for those summer nights on the back deck, or by the BBQ, or in the pool!

Your outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated either, it could be as simple as a few well placed outdoor lanterns, or string lighting.  But, if you really want to create something special for summer, this is a great time to start your outdoor lighting plan, incorporating all those dark spaces of your outdoor space. 

A good tip is to cover of the practical and safety elements first.  Think deck lights, garden lights, step lights, path lights, and driveway lighting.  Once you have that covered, remember the outdoor area of your home is the one space you can really have some fun with, so don’t forget to add a little lighting that really reflects your personality.

The other thing you might consider in your outdoor space before summer arrives, is the installation of ceiling fans.  Ceiling fans are not just an excellent source of cooling indoors but can also provide the same benefits outdoors in areas like patios, porches, and pergolas.

There are a huge range of outdoor ceiling fans that are easy to install, need little maintenance, and add to the charming look of our outdoor areas. Also, an outdoor ceiling fan is great for keeping the flies and mosquitoes away!

See our guide to outdoor ceiling fans for more information on selecting a ceiling fan for your outdoor space.

Whether it be during lockdown, or simply looking for a weekend project, lighting is a great way to change the look and mood of a space, and more importantly, how that space makes you feel.

Rovert Lighting & Electrical can help you make the most of your time spent at home.  Check out our range of lighting options online, or make a plan, and come in and see us when the doors re-open!

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