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Buying a Desk Lamp – 4 Important Things to Consider

Whether you are studying, working from home, sitting at the computer, or simply using your desk to complete the Sunday crossword, the right desk lamp is crucial.

Desk lamps are designed to provide “task” lighting, to provide illumination in completing a job or task, so it’s important that your desk lamp provide you the right lighting to get the job done.

Before looking at the range of options available it is a good idea to consider some practical elements of your space first. For instance:

How large is your work space?
Do you have adequate space on your desk for placement of a lamp?
Do you only work from a desk? Are there other areas of your work space that need lighting?

By taking the time to consider the requirements of your space, you will ensure the best lighting is achieved from your desk lamp.

Consider the practical elements of yor space when selecting a desk lamp

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Desk Lamp

1. Clear, bright, high quality light
Choose a lamp that provides a clear, bright light. If you opt for an energy efficient form of lighting such as LED, opt for a cool white, or 4500k, option, also described as a “bright” white. Warm white light is best for areas of relaxing, such as living areas or bedrooms, whereas, cool white light provides a crisper light for working under.

2. Choose a size appropriate to your work space
For instance, if you only have a small work space or desk, then lamps that have small bases, or even a clip-on function, will ensure you don’t lose precious working area on your desk. For larger desks, consider flexible arms, or lamp arms that have a longer reach to allow to adjust and focus light accordingly.

3. Adjustability
Adjustable lamps allow you to illuminate specific areas of your desk or work space as required. There are many options for desk lamps with adjustable arms including, goose necks, swing arms, extendable arms, or swivel heads.

Light specific areas with an adjustable desk lamp

4. Lamp Placement
Desk lamps, as a general rule, should be positioned higher than your head, but not so high that you lose light.  Positioning on the desk should be to provide illumination to whatever it is you are working on. For instance, if you are doing computer work, position your lamp to light your keyboard.

Positioning should also take into account whether you are right or left handed. If you’re right handed, place your desk lamp on the left side of your desk, and vice versa if you are left handed. This will ensure you are not getting shadows across your work space.

Placement of your desk lamp should also be to produce a minimal amount of glare, so consider other objects on your desk that will reflect light and how your desk lamp can be placed to minimise this.

Position desk lamp correctly

A good desk lamp should provide:
• A clear, bright light;
• A relatively focused beam with minimal glare; and
• An adjustable design that can accommodate a range of tasks.

Rovert Lighting & Electrical carry a large range of desk lamps, as well as table lamps and floor lamps.  Speak to one of our lighting experts who can help you select the desk lamp appropriate to your needs.

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