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Tips for Cleaning your Ceiling Fans Quickly and Easily

Cleaning your ceiling fans doesn’t have to be a big job, and keeping them clean and dust free is so important.  Not only does it ensure longevity of your fan’s operation, it also ensures the air that your fan is circulating around your home carries less dust with it.

Ideally, cleaning your ceiling fans should be done every month or two to ensure the least amount of dust build up.  We all know that sticky dust found on the top of kitchen cupboards, well our ceiling fans also capture that dust, and over time, that dust becomes “sticky” and more difficult to remove.  It can also damage painted finishes on your ceiling fan blades when chemical cleaners are required to remove it.

We’ve put together a few easy simple tips for cleaning your ceiling fans, and avoiding damage to their finish and operation.

Cleaning your Ceiling Fans means Cleaning Regularly

Depending on the season, and the use your ceiling fan gets, removal of dust build up should be done every month or two.  Add it to your Spring cleaning list, or your Summer project list, either way, it is important it is done regularly!

Cleaning Ceiling Fans Mounted on a Standard Ceiling Height

If your fan is mounted on a standard ceiling height, a step ladder and a pillow case is all you may need to clean your fan.  Use the pillowcase to wipe the small amounts of dust from the canopy, downrod and motor housing, these components usually collect the least amount of dust.  It is your blades that usually require a little more attention.

Once that is done, slide the pillowcase over each fan blade, so that the fan blade is inside the pillowcase, and gently press down on the fan blade and slide the pillowcase back, removing and capturing all the dust within the pillowcase.  Repeat for all blades and then simply wash the pillowcase.

Cleaning your Ceiling Fans

Cleaning Ceiling Fans Mounted on a High Ceiling

If your fan is mounted on a higher than normal ceiling, cleaning can be a little trickier than climbing the step ladder.  Collect an old sheet, or tarp, or something you can lay under your ceiling fan, and a long arm duster.  Lay the sheet out below your ceiling fan, and use the duster to remove dust from the canopy, downrod and motor housing. 

Once that is done, dust each blade across the top and bottom and around the edges to remove all dust.  Once done, simply shake out and then wash sheet.

Cleaning your Ceiling Fans

Cleaning a Dirty or “Sticky” Ceiling Fan

If your fan has gone a little longer between cleans, you will need to put in a little more elbow grease.  You will need a step ladder (or larger for taller ceiling heights), an old sheet, a bucket of warm soapy water and cloth, and paper towel.

Start by wiping down your fan blades with paper towel to remove any loose debris.  Use the damp cloth to wipe over the canopy, downrod and motor housing.  Then use damp cloth to wipe the top, bottom and edges of the blades.  This may require a few goes to remove all the build-up, or may even require a small amount of cleaning solution to remove any stubborn build up.  Be careful with the use of any cleaning solution, and try to spray onto a cloth and not your ceiling fan directly, so that it does not damage the finish to your ceiling fan.

Cleaning Light Covering on Ceiling Fan

Most light coverings on ceiling fans can be removed and washed in warm soapy water.  Ensure light covering is completely dry before installing back on your ceiling fan.

Always remember that your ceiling fan is connected directly into power, so even turned off at the switch, you need to be careful with any cleaning solutions you use.

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