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Floor Lamps … Finish your Living Space in Style

Floor lamps provide a simple, yet effective, way of lighting your space. When decorating, lighting is an essential ingredient that has the power to instantly transform a room. In fact, the right kind of ambient lighting can turn a dimly lit space into an uplifting and inspiring room, while creating cohesion and unity within. And the easiest way to do this is by featuring a stylish lamp in the room. 

Offering a versatile form of lighting, floor lamps add instant atmosphere because they create a textured lighting effect that helps offer variation for the eye. They also provide ambient mid-level light that can be used to build multiple layers of light within a room. They can also be a great alternative to artwork and are perfect for filling those awkward spaces in the corner of a room.

Here are some tips from our lighting experts on how to finish your living space with a floor lamp.

Consider Scale and placement of your floor lamp

The placement of a lamp can greatly influence the overall look of a room so it’s important to consider the layout of the space and the size of the lamp in contrast to its surroundings. 

Floor lamps are usually positioned next to a chair, lounge or bed in order to provide soft, overhead lighting so the height of the lamp will depend on what’s next to it. When seated on a lounge or chair, the lamp should be at or above eye level.

Getting the scale right is also important. Low ceilings will make a tall lamp look out of proportion while a large lamp in a small room will overpower the space. Getting the scale right will ensure your lamp fits seamlessly into the room. 

Place floor lamps above eye level

Types of floor lamps

Floor lamps come in a variety of different shapes and styles, and diffuse light differently so it’s worth looking at a style that will compliment the room. Choose a lamp that will blend with your decor, or maybe even something that will help blend different styles within your space. Lamps are ideal lighting tools to help blend that mix of modern and traditional.

Choose a floor lamp that will compliment the room

Pole lamps are one of the simplest and most popular options for brightening up a dark space. Featuring a single pole and light bulb, and usually, a lamp shade, pole lamps are perfect for all types of ambient, and even task lighting.

Some of our most popular pole lamps include the Carter Floor Lamp which is the perfect blend of modern and traditional, the Mia Floor Lamp with its antique brass base and the Logan Uplifter Floor Lamp which is perfect for adding ambient light. 

And, with curved design one of the biggest design trends this year, arc lamps are having a resurgence and are a favoured choice for illuminating items underneath.  The arc refers to the subtle bending unique to these lamps with a light bulb at the end of a single pole that is curved slightly in one direction.

Arc floor lamps have curved arm

Some of our most popular arc lamps include the Tyler LED Floor Lamp which features an adjustable neck to provide directional light and the Joshua Floor Lamp with its beautifully curved metal arm and bonded fabric shade. And, then there are lamps which serve more than one purpose, like the LED Magnifier Floor Lamp, with flexible goose neck arm, and magnifier, it is perfect for task lighting.

For more floor lamp options, check out our extensive range online, or chat to one of our friendly Rovert LIghting & Electrical team today on 4952 5600, and find the perfect lamp to light your living space in style.

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