Alfresco Ceiling fans

Research shows that connection with nature is fundamental to our wellbeing, so it makes sense on lots of levels to create outdoor spaces for your home that are useful, functional, and enjoyable to be in.

Alfresco Ceiling fans - Ceiling fans

Creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces is a core part of Australian home design, as we Australians love our indoor-outdoor spaces. Using stylish furniture and sophisticated materials helps blur the lines between the interior and exterior parts of our homes. Maximising the use of our outdoor spaces is a great way to expand the experience of your home – make it feel larger and better – and help you feel better in it.

To make sure you can make the most of your alfresco in the summer months, there are cooling options to help you keep your ultimate alfresco area cool this summer.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes these days, so you should be able to find a design that suits your alfresco area.

They cool your outdoor space by circulating the air and providing a pleasant breeze. While ceiling fans don’t actually make the air cooler, they help people feel cooler by moving the air around them. The gentle breeze from your fan will also keep mosquitos and flies away (they do not like moving air).

What fan can you use outdoors?

Alfresco Ceiling fans - Ceiling fans


Most ceiling fans are designed for indoor use, so they cannot be used in outdoor areas. Even if your fan is under a roof, with walls on three sides, moisture from cold nights will still get onto and into your fan,

(just think of how wet your outdoor furniture can be sometimes in the morning).

Make sure to get a ceiling fan with waterproofing and protection, if you want to install a fan in an outdoor area. But be careful, as even a weather-resistant fan cannot be exposed directly to water and needs at least two walls to shield the fan from wind and other elements.

What to look for?

IP Rating – IP stands for Ingress Protection mark, sometimes referred to synonymously as an International Protection mark. An IP rating is usually a two-digit grading system that’s applied to the enclosure of a mechanical or electrical item.

IP codes signify the level of protection to users (hands, fingers, etc) from mechanical or electrical parts, the degree of protection an enclosure offers those key components against dust, dirt, and other damaging foreign bodies, and its overall resistance to moisture.

Alfresco Ceiling fans - Ceiling fans

AQUA IP66 DC CEILING FAN – Matt Black – AIP662

Motor – the motor of the fan you choose needs to be sealed against moisture or water penetration.

Wet Rated – if you believe your fans are too close to the edge of the awning and may be exposed to the occasional splash of rain or water you need to make sure the fan you’re purchasing is classified as ‘wet rated’. Every fan with a wet rating will have a different level of protection against both solids and water. To know the full extent of its protection against these elements look out for models with an IP rating.

Material composition – most ceiling fans are made of powder coated metal, which will rust over time if mounted outside. Your outdoor fan should be made of aluminium or stainless steel, with stainless steel fasteners. Remember, that stainless steel does require maintenance and regular cleaning, otherwise it will develop ‘tea stains’ which can be seen as rust. Aluminium on the other hand will be trouble free.

Blades – like the body, your blades need to be made of weather resistant material. Outdoor fans usually have UV resistant plastic blades, which also makes them easier to clean. Timber blades will absorb moisture, which will unbalance the fan so they are NOT recommended for outdoor use.

Salt Spray Tested – if you line in a coastal location, another factor to take into consideration, is how close to the ocean you are.  Not all outdoor fans are resistant to salt spray, so check if the fan you want has been salt spray treated.

Wind – ensure that the ceiling fan will be installed far enough from the edges of the area or that the sides are enclosed enough to guarantee protection from the wind as well. If left unprotected the strength of the wind itself can cause damage to the fan motor over time.

Outdoor ceiling fans with lighting for night entertaining.

Ensuring all entertaining aspects are covered, outdoor waterproof ceiling fans also come with options for LED lighting fixtures with CCT 18W LED Light Kits available in both white and black.

Alfresco Ceiling fans - Ceiling fans


Ensuring Durability and Value for money.

Finding the best ceiling fan for outdoor areas will largely depend on each, individual installation.

Style, size, and aesthetics important but so is sufficient durability especially if the fan is installed in a coastal location or at risk of getting wet.

No fan is completely immune to environmental conditions but selecting an appropriate fan and regularly maintaining it, by following the care instructions, will assist in preserving its cosmetic condition and functionality for as long as possible.

Alfresco Ceiling fans - Ceiling fans

AQUA IP66 DC CEILING FAN Matt Black CCT 18W LED Light Kit – AIPL668