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Top 6 Ways to Bring Warmth to your Home this Winter

Winter – love it or hate it, we all spend those months of the year chasing that elusive feeling of warmth.  Whether it be physically warming up a room, or looking for ways to bring a sense of warmth to our home, we are all chasing that cosy space we can relax into at the end of the day.

Check out our top 6 ways to bring warmth to your home this winter.

1. Take your Cue from the Natural Light you have Available

No matter the season, natural light is one of the most important considerations in your home, and this is no different during the shorter, darker months of the year.  Embrace the natural light you have available to you and use it as a cue to introduce other forms of lighting. 

For instance, in the winter months, when natural lighting levels are generally at their lowest, and shortest, don’t feel the need to wake up the room; instead, use this as a cue to bring in subtle lighting options. This might be through the use of scattered or layered lighting, for instance, such as teaming ceiling lights with floor or table lamps to layer a warm glow throughout the space. A darker space does not always need to be made as light as possible. In fact, by lighting it in subtle ways, you can enhance that warm cosy feel in a space, and use light to bring warmth to your home this winter.

Bring Warmth to your Home this winter with natural light

2. Add Accent lighting

The use of accent lighting is the perfect tool to help bring warmth to your home this winter.  Accent lighting emphasises objects by focusing light directly on them.  This focus might be on a small area, or a corner, or a piece of artwork or furniture, for instance. This will give a sense of the space being warm and cosy with light, without formally “turning on the lights”.  Directed wall lights such as up or down lights, and spotlights are great examples of the use of accent lighting.

Bring warmth to your home this winter with accent lighting

3. change your light globes

Such a small thing can make a huge difference to the feel of your space.  Globes emit their own colour temperature, ranging from a very cool white to a very warm white.  The colour temperature of a globe is indicated by the kelvin. The higher the kelvin, the cooler the white, and conversely, the lower the kelvin, the warmer the white.

Winter is the perfect time to change out some of those globes for low colour temperature warm white to create that warm and cosy effect in your space.

Another handy tip … consider also switching some of your globes to LED filament globes. Bring warmth to your home this winter by introducing some old world charm to your space.

bring warmth to your home this winter with warm white globes

4. add timber lighting

Nothing beats the texture and warmth of natural materials in our homes, and top of the list of natural materials, for most of us, is timber.  The grain, the texture, the tone, it all helps bring life to spaces, and to bring a sense of warmth to our home.

There are some studies that suggest that timber carries with it some properties that are also good for our well-being, including having a calming and relaxing effect, helping to explain that feeling of “warmth” we get from the use of timber in our homes.

As a natural element, timber lighting can also have the effect of “bringing the outdoors in”.  By adding a little of the outdoors inside your home, it is a great reminder that warmer months are not far from reach!  See our post on

Bring warmth to your home this winter with timber lighting

5. Install a Bathroom 3-in-1 Exhaust, Light and Heater

Sometimes bringing a feel of warmth to your home can actually mean adding warmth!  One area of our home we often forget about, but use the most, is the bathroom.  Our bathrooms are often the coldest room in our home, as they usually tiled, so not only look cold, but feel cold!

Literally bring the warmth to your home this winter by installing a 3-in-1 exhaust, light and heater unit in your bathroom.  There are so many benefits, not least of which, is enjoying a warm bathroom!  See our post on

Bring warmth to your home this winter with a bathroom 3in1

6. install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are well known for being effective and efficient in cooling down spaces in the warmer weather, but did you know that you can use your ceiling fans in winter to enhance the warmth and comfort of your home during the colder months?

While ceiling fans don’t lower or raise the temperature of a room, they do circulate the air. In the warmer months, ceiling fans provide a feeling of ‘wind chill’ on the skin, causing you to “feel” cooler, as well as helping to circulate cool air from your air conditioner.

The same can be applied in winter, only in reverse.  In the cooler months, a ceiling fan will pull the cool air up from the floor, and push the warm air down the walls helping to redistribute that warm air where you need it most.  Ceiling fans are the perfect accompaniment to any heating system in your home.

Ceiling fans are also perfect for helping with those high energy bills during winter. Besides being very energy efficient and inexpensive to run, as they circulate that warm air to where you need it, you can look to turn down the temperature or speed on your heating device, thereby consuming less energy and saving you money.  See our post on

Bring warmth to your home this winter with ceiling fans

These are just some of the ways you can help bring warmth to your home this winter.  Talk to Rovert Lighting & Electrical about lighting, or ceiling fan, options to help make your home feel a little warmer this winter!

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