Bedside lamps, table lamps & other lighting

Warm up your room with the comfort of a household lamp. We stock an array of lamps to light up your living space, including desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, touch lamps and bedside lamps.

Though lamps are a functional device used to illuminate your home, they can also be a trendy and modern asset to your home. Rovert stock a large number of lamps that we know that you’re going to love. Whether you need a lamp for reading/studying or for decoration, we have the lamp to suit your particular need and style.

Lamps -

Perfect for studying or reading, desk lamps are a necessity for any office or computer room.

Lamps to jazz up your table tops, add elegance to your home with a design that suits you.

Floor lamps illuminate your room and look great in a number of situations.

Conveniently turn on lights with your touch. Simple as that.

Lights for your bedside table, perfect for reading & making your bed look extra cozy.

Looking for a more unique lamp type? Novelty lamps are a lot of fun and look fantastic.