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4 Simple Lighting Ideas with Lamps

Getting the lighting right throughout your home is critical to it’s functionality, however, getting the “feel” you want from the spaces within your home is usually all about the little things.  And, while many of us think of lamps as a bit of an added extra, they can be the little thing that makes or breaks how you feel in your spaces.

Lamps are also the perfect addition to any good layered lighting plan.  What do we mean by that?  The spaces of your home, particularly, those used for relaxing, should always have multiple light sources.  This allows you to adjust the brightness as needed, to highlight different areas and features of your home, and to create mood or ambience.  Lamps, being incredibly versatile, just make sense within any good lighting plan.

With that in mind, here, we give 4 simple lighting ideas using lamps that are sure to add functionality, personality, depth and warmth to your home.

1. Use oversized floor lamps to maximise the use of space

An oversized floor lamp may be one that is particularly tall, one that has an oversized shade, or even arms that arch across other pieces or decor in the space. 

Within a large space, it will add visual interest, and create a focal point to draw the eye to, and create a sense of cosiness within the space. 

Add visual interest with oversized floor lamps

Within small spaces, oversized floor lamps work well by taking advantage of your vertical space without losing valuable floor real estate, where you might with say a table lamp that requires a side table or console.  A tall floor lamp will also help create an illusion of height in a small space.

It can also act as your main source of lighting within a small space.  Think arching arms that stretch over your sofa to provide general lighting, or act as a central focal light in a space where you may not have the ceiling height to display a statement pendant.

2. Use lamps to define spaces

Open plan living has become a staple of Australian homes.  The use of lamps is a simple design choice that can help define spaces within your home.  Think table lamps for task lighting in a reading corner of your living room, or floor lamps surrounding your lounging area.  Introducing lamps, or even different styles of lamps, is an easy way to denote the different use of spaces.

3. Use lamps to add personality

Often, we select larger décor pieces for their neutrality, which more often than not, is because changing pieces of furniture with our changing styles can be a costly exercise!  Use lamps to add personality to your spaces.  Whether it be through a pop of colour, a statement lamp that doubles as a piece of art, or even something as simple as moving your lamps around, they are a great design choice for adding life to your space.  And, they are cost effective way of changing your style and shaking things up!

Use lamps to add personality

Lamps are also the perfect outlet to really let your personality shine!  Play with finishes and textures, as well as styles.  You will be amazed how easily a unique lamp will compliment your décor, or stand apart from it to make a real statement.  And, when your style changes, so too can your lamp, without having to spend too much to do it.

4. Use lamps to create focal points

Much like their use in defining spaces, lamps are also a great way to draw the eye toward key elements within your spaces.  Uplighters are great for creating a sense of height, or those with adjustable lamp holders can be great for illuminating specific architectural features of your home, or artworks, whereas a thoughtfully placed table lamp can draw you into the cosiness of a corner sofa, or softly light an art gallery down your hallway.

Use lamps to create a focal point

Another important consideration when it comes to how effective a styling choice your lamp will be, the globe. The colour temperature of your globe will play an important role in how well your it works in the space. 

What do we mean when we talk about colour temperature?  The terms you would be most familiar with are warm white and cool white.  While there are no hard and fast rules for which you select, generally warm white promotes relaxation. Think living rooms and bedrooms. While cool white promotes alertness, and is best used in areas where tasks need to be completed.

To read more about colour temperature and the different uses of it in your home, see our blog post Warm White or Cool White – the Differences and Applications Explained.

The biggest takeaway when it comes to lamps?  Have fun, and explore different styles, designs, colours, textures and finishes.  There is no right or wrong, but hopefully this short guide will give you some ideas to enhance your spaces.  Or, speak to one of the lighting experts at Rovert Lighting & Electrical who will help you explore a wide range of lamps to find those best suited to your style and your decor!

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