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6 Inspired Lighting Ideas to Help you Bring the Outdoors in at Home

It’s a concept Australian homes do well, that idea of extending our living spaces to allow a natural flow between in our indoor and outdoor spaces. And, one we do well, creating comfortable outdoor living rooms that often closely mimic those indoors.  Here, we explore ways to apply the same idea in reverse, with lighting ideas to bring the outdoors in.

6 lighting ideas to bring the outdoors in

1. Capture the elements of night time outdoors that you love

There are so many things to love about being outdoors, particularly on those long summer days. One of those is long days that fall into night, bringing with them a warm glow as the sun sets, and a romantic feel of whimsy as the stars start to appear. 

You can recreate this feeling indoors with some simple lighting ideas to bring the outdoors in.  Twinkly lights, such as fairy lights or string lights, for instance, are a great simple way to create that sense of night sky indoors.

Candles are an easy option to create that soft romantic glow, but there are lighting options that will also achieve this for you.  Wall lights, or sconces, are perfect for this, or pendants that have an open, or even filtered glass, shade that can throw shadows of light.

2. Incorporate elements from the outdoors inside your home

Incorporating natural elements into your lighting is one of the easiest ways to recreate that outdoor feeling indoors.  The obvious selections include materials such as timber, cane, stone, bamboo, or even shells. 

Lighting ideas to bring the outdoors in with natural elements

But other, less inherently natural materials, such as glass, can also be designed to create a sense of the natural element.  A lot of the beauty in natural elements is reflected in their inherently unstructured and informal nature. So, an element such as glass, can be designed to reflect, at least in some way, a natural untamed state.  Hand blown glass, for instance, is a perfect example of this.

Incorporating lighting ideas to bring the outdoors in is all about introducing, or highlighting, the natural elements in your home. Whether that’s with lighting that features natural materials, or with lighting that highlights the existing natural elements in your space.

Combining natural elements with man-made materials is also a lighting trend that allows you to make the best of both worlds. If you are not quite ready to make a statement with a large rattan pendant light amongst your home’s existing décor, then consider a blend of both worlds.

See our blog post on Keeping it Natural with Lighting for other tips on using natural elements in your lighting scheme.

3. Highlight the outdoors through your windows

Windows are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.  Framing your outdoor view can create that sense of flow between the indoors and outdoors.  Even better, use lighting to highlight this view.  Simple lighting options, such as garden spike lights, or uplights, can transform your outdoor view and bring it indoors even after the sun goes down.

Lighting ideas to bring the outdoors in through your windows

4. Carry your outdoor lighting theme to your indoor spaces

The great thing about outdoor lighting is that it is versatile!  Constructed to withstand the outdoor elements a little better doesn’t mean it loses appeal from a design element.  Lantern, or even cage, style wall lights are a classic example of outdoor lighting that can be carried through to your indoor spaces to create seamless design. 

5. Use glass to create unobstructed views of your outdoor spaces

Glass, although not what we would consider a typical natural element, has the ability to allow the natural elements around it to shine.  Glass pendants are often a great choice on kitchen islands, for instance, as they allow for unobstructed view of the rest of your spaces.  The same can be said in other areas of your home where you want to maintain a view of your outdoor space.

Lighting ideas to bring the outdoors in using glass

6. Let the natural light shine

Using the natural light you have to create a sense of space and openness to the outdoors is another way you can bring the outdoors in.  However, if you don’t have this natural light available, using the right lighting can help you mimic this.  Selecting the right colour temperature globe, for instance, is an easy way to transform a darker area of your home, and give the illusion of natural light.

If you would like to discuss ways you can transform your indoor spaces, chat to one of the lighting experts at Rovert Lighting & Electrical, and let us help you bring the outdoors in with the right lighting.

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