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Keeping it Natural with Lighting

Keeping it natural with lighting is all about introducing, or highlighting, the natural elements in your home. Whether that’s with lighting that features natural materials, or with lighting that highlights the existing natural elements in your space. Lighting can help you feature those more organic elements that help to make your space feel calm and serene.

Getting back to nature with our home décor is not a new trend, but one that will continue into 2021, according to Domain’s “… top 10 interior trends we’ll see in 2021”. They suggest we will see expanded use of earthy, natural tones in terms of colour, and the use of natural materials in décor choices.

Following a year like no other, it makes sense that we are drawn to colours and materials that make us feel warm, and a little more connected to nature, and lighting is a great way to invite in those natural elements, or to highlight the natural features already in your home.

Keeping it Natural with Lighting – What are the Benefits?

1. We currently live in a world that is so busy and predominately, tech focused, so bringing a little bit of nature back into our homes, creates a calming and serene space for us to unwind from the day to day.

2. Natural materials in lighting can help ‘bring the outdoors in”. Materials such as timber, stone, bamboo, and rattan, help to create a connection to the outdoors within our home. This is important to so many of us who spend a lot of our working life indoors.

3. Natural materials compliment many decors, themes, and colour palettes, and so, are a versatile option for lighting fixtures. The neutral tones of organic materials make them the perfect compliment to any style, design or colour.

As such, keeping it natural with lighting means you can change your décor, or your colour scheme, without the need to always change your light fittings. And, by the same token, swapping out your old light fitting for something more organic, can transform an existing space into something completely new and inviting.

Keeping it Natural with Lighting - Compliment any Decor

4. Natural elements can help you connect with a space. Use of more organic materials in lighting can help transform your existing spaces into something warm and inviting, creating spaces to which we have an emotional connection.

5. Lighting that uses more organic elements, is an easy way to reflect your style while keeping a fairly neutral backdrop with other décor and furnishings. Make a statement with a perfectly placed pendant light, or use lamps placed around the room to bring in subtle reflections of your natural style.

6. Add texture and interest to a room. A simple timber pendant light can transform a space with shadows and warmth.

Keeping it Natural with Lighting - Shadow Lines

Keeping it natural with lighting doesn’t only have to be about bringing in more organic elements. Lighting can also be the perfect way to highlight some of the more natural elements that already exist within your home to create the same calm and connection with your space.

This might be the timber beams on your ceiling, or the exposed brick wall, or the timber floor boards that line your stairs. Highlighting these features with the right lighting can help create that feeling of warmth and serenity within your space.

What Types of Lighting Best Reflect Natural Elements?

When we talk types of lighting there are two factors to consider – lighting design and the material used to create that design.

If we talk about the obvious first, one of the most used, and most loved, natural elements in lighting is timber. Natural timber helps to bring a sense of warmth to a space.

Other organic lighting materials might include stone, rattan, cane, bamboo, hand blown glass, and even shells. All these materials help to create that sense of flow with the indoors and the outdoors.

Another way to help create that flow is by selecting the right lighting design. Lighting that has been designed to throw shadow lines within a space, for instance, will create an instant feeling of warmth. Glass lighting, is also perfect for ensuring continued eye lines through spaces and rooms, allowing the outdoors to flow in, without obstruction.

Keeping it Natural with Lighting - Glass

Another important consideration in your natural lighting choice is how the natural materials of your fitting are put together as a final design. A lot of the beauty in natural elements is reflected in their inherently unstructured and informal nature. Make sure your natural light fittings reflect, at least in some way, their inherent natural untamed state.

Combining natural elements with man-made materials is also a lighting trend that allows you to make the best of both worlds. If you are not quite ready to make a statement with a large rattan pendant light amongst your industrial décor, then consider a blend of both worlds.

Keeping it Natural with Lighting - Combine Elements

Rovert Lighting & Electrical have a large range of lighting option to help you with keeping it natural with lighting.  Call in and see our large display, or visit us online.

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