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Garden Lighting – How to Let your Garden Shine

As we move into the summer months in Australia, we love to take full advantage of the longer days and balmy nights … BBQs, outdoor entertaining, or simply relaxing with a drink on the back deck after work.  There is nothing better. 

But, how do you take your outdoor space from a relaxed haven by day, to a cosy oasis by night?  With garden lighting of course! 

Lighting your garden is not only about ticking off the safety boxes.  Certainly, making sure pathways, steps, and any other obstructions are well lit is important, however, you can really transform your backyard with the right garden lighting.

Follow some of our simple tips, and let your garden really shine.

Highlight your Garden’s Best Features

All the best features of your garden can come to life at night with the right lighting.  Things like pergolas, trees, statues, water features, even architectural features of your home, can be highlighted with lighting.

Spotlights are perfect for this, and also have the added feature of shining a direct light onto some of the possible safety hazards in your garden.  Don’t think flood lights or security lights, although even these, have made some design steps forward, think something like our Stockholm range, sleek and modern in design.

Create a Subtle Glow

Creating that cosy oasis in your garden is often best done with subtle lighting, lighting that creates a soft glow, and an intimate feel.  There are a few ways you can create that feel in your garden.

Use uplights – uplights, as their name suggests, are lights that illuminate an object, surface or area from below.  Uplights are perfect for accentuating shapes and lines in your garden, as they cast a soft glow in an upward direction.  Place beneath trees, or plantings and watch your garden come to life, all while providing a soft ambient light for your outdoor activities. 

Use uplights for your garden lighting

Spike lights are a versatile, and generally inexpensive, uplight option that also usually allow you to adjust the direction of light.  See a couple of our spike lights range here.

Use deck lightsdeck lights are really another form of uplight designed to sit flush into a deck surface.  While they have obvious safety features, they also provide an unobtrusive light.

Use bollardsbollards are great for lining pathways or garden beds for obvious safety reasons, but they can also create a border of lighting that adds an extra architectural element to your garden.

Use bollards for your garden lighting

Layer your Garden Lighting

Like any good lighting scheme, layering your garden lighting adds complexity, and helps create pockets of light that draw your eye to different spaces in your garden, while adding to that ambient glow that will draw you in as night falls.

A couple of our top tips for layering your garden lighting include:

  • Cover the safety concerns that need lighting first.  This is essential lighting that will form the basis of your garden lighting scheme from which to build on.
  • Play around with different heights.  Light from the ground up, but also consider how you will light the full height of your garden.  This may be as simple as stringing festoon lighting through tress, adding lantern style lighting to tree branches, or using garden spike lights at varying heights.
  • Define the different spaces of your garden with lighting.  This might be installing exterior pendant lights over your dining area, or in-ground lighting around your pool or garden beds, or adding lantern style lighting around your fire pit.  The options are endless here.
Hang lanterns as part of your layered garden lighting scheme

A few extra tips to consider when lighting your garden to get the most out of the space.

  • Ensure your garden lighting is easily turned on come night fall.  Place switches in easy to reach places, preferably indoors.
  • Set your lights so that won’t be shining in your eyes.
  • Consider the brightness and colour temperature of your lighting choices.  Save the bright lights for areas that require practical or safety lighting, and choose warmer whites to create a cosy atmosphere in those areas where you want to relax.
  • Consider using timers for your garden lighting.
  • Don’t forget your garden changes as it grows.  Consider leaving slack in any cabling so you can move your lighting around as your garden matures.
  • Avoid perfectly symmetrical lighting choices.  Mix it up to shine light where it’s needed most, but also to add to that cosy feel.

Experiment with your garden lighting.  There really is no right or wrong, so long as you are considering the safety and functional aspects of your garden, everything else will only add to a space you can enjoy all year round!

Need a little help creating the perfect lighting plan for your garden?  Speak to one of the experts at Rovert Lighting & Electrical.

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