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Handy Tips for Lighting a Void

Who doesn’t love the sense of space and grandeur a void can provide?! Lighting a void to maximum effect, however, can be tricky.

A void is really any interior space that is, in essence, empty.  Voids are typically created in double story homes where parts of the upper floor are removed to make way for things like staircases, or to allow light to flood into the lower levels of the home. 

Voids, however, can also be used to create a sense of space.  A great example of this might be towering ceilings in an entryway used to create a sense of grandeur.

A void does not need to remain as empty space, and, in fact, using a void as a canvas for creating a display, can more often than not, heighten the sense of space and grandeur.  One of the best ways to do this is through lighting!

Follow some of our handy tips for lighting a void and create an “empty” space you will love!

Know the height and dimensions of your void

Knowing the dimensions for your void space will help determine the right light fitting.  If your void is on the smaller side, such as an internal stairwell, you might opt for a single smaller pendant.  If, however, your void is quite a large expanse of space, selecting a large sculptural pendant, a hero piece, might work.  Or, where space is available, you might consider a cluster of pendants that create a bold statement when grouped together. 

A great tip is to ask your lighting consultant what pendant options they have in varying sizes.  Grouping different sizes of the same pendant together can create something really captivating.

Remember though, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to lighting a void.  Balancing the light fitting/s with the size of your space is key to creating something really special in your void.

Opt for pendant lights or chandeliers when lighting a void

Pendant lights, and even some chandeliers, are by far the most versatile option for lighting a void.  Once you have your void dimensions, opting for lighting that is height adjustable may be necessary to achieve full effect, and pendant lighting quite commonly allows for height adjustments.

Pendant lighting also allows scope to play with a huge range of designs, to multiply, or to scale up or down, making it the perfect choice to customize to your void.

Lighting a Void with Pendant Lights

How much light is required in your void?

A lot of voids are designed to allow natural light to flood into your home.  A simple staircase, void, however, may require practical lighting for safety, along with any statement pieces you wish to introduce.  Simple step lighting or strip lighting, for instance, would fill the safety requirement without detracting from your statement pieces.

Use the natural light you have available to you, and then make sure you have the basic lighting for safety covered before deciding on your statement pieces.

Is your void used for a purpose other than creating “negative” space?

For instance, do you have furniture below your void that will require task lighting?  Do you have artwork displayed on the walls of your void that you could highlight?  Lighting a void with a layered lighting plan is key in these instances.  Make a statement, but don’t forget to cover the basics.  Simple step lighting might be all it takes to cover off the basics in your stairwell.  Or, the introduction of a lamp on furniture pieces. Or, even the use of track lighting or spotlights, for highlighting artworks where you have wall space available.

Lighting a Void with Stair Lighting

Are there obstructions within your void?

Obstructions may include things like beams, stair balustrades, or door openings.  Obstructions such as these may affect how low you can hang a fitting, or where the fitting needs to be centered in the space.

Are there windows within your void?

Voids that are created for grandeur, or for amplifying that sense of space, are often bordered by large windows.  Consider the placement of your light fitting so as to take advantage of the “view” of your fitting from outside the window.  This can create a spectacular light show of your home from outside.

Lighting a Void with Windows

Make a lighting statement

Voids are the perfect place to really make a “wow” statement with lighting.  This is particularly the case if your void does not allow you to display other points of interest, such as artworks.  Make your void lighting a focal point, and don’t be afraid to go bold! Play with colour, shapes, textures and styles to create something unique.

Make a Statement when Lighting a Void

Above all, lighting a void is the one of the few places you can really have some fun with your lighting options!  Go bold, make a statement, and create a show stopper in your void! 

The experts at Rovert Lighting & Electrical can walk you through the many options to help you create something really unique for your void!  Contact us to get started.

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