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Modern and Traditional Lighting Styles – 5 Ways to Make them Work Together with Lighting

Modern and traditional lighting styles – how do you make these work together effectively?

You have moved into your very traditional home and are looking for ways of incorporating modern touches into the space, or maybe you are living in a home with more modern finishes and want to find a way to bring some of that traditional design into the space?  Lighting is a great way to help you mix the elements of traditional and modern.

In a very general sense, the difference between traditional and modern lighting styles is fairly simple, and in most cases, fairly obvious.  We tend to associate traditional lighting with a more elaborate design, look and construction, whereas modern lighting we tend to see as simpler by design, and cleaner in it’s lines and finishes.

What we often overlook is that modern lighting, with it’s advances in design, materials and technology, allows for a much wider incorporation of the traditional within it’s modern elements.

Here are a few simple tips for using lighting to compliment the design elements in your space.

Simple Tips for Combining Modern and Traditional Lighting Styles

1. Be subtle

Modern and traditional lighting styles can be blended in a subtle way.  Traditional lighting does not have to be heavily beaded and ornate chandeliers, in the same way that modern lighting does not always have to be sharp lines and edges.  Choose lighting that brings in subtle elements of each style.

For instance, a white washed rattan or timber pendant can add a modern, yet natural and rustic, touch to a traditional space.  Or, use a more open fitting that will make a statement without hiding or detracting from the design elements of your space.

Modern and Traditional Lighting Styles combined with open light fittings

2. Choose natural elements

Selecting light fittings that incorporate natural elements in their design is a great way to bring a space together.

For instance, a very contemporary chandelier or pendant, might take on a more traditional or classic feel finished with blown roughly shaped glass or natural brass arms.

Use natural elements to blend modern and traditional lighting styles

3. Be creative with colour

The use of colour is a great way to bring a feeling of warmth to a space. 
Using natural tones, for instance, such as copper or brass look finishes, will help to bring warmth to more modern stark spaces.  Or, use bolder brighter colours to reflect a period.  Nothing says 1970s like a bright orange pendant light!

Another great use of colour is to blend the colours in your space with your light fittings.  For instance, if you have a very traditional space that has a lot of deep rich timber finishes, compliment this with a light fitting rich in colour, but modern in style.

Be creative with colour to help blend modern and traditional lighting styles

4. Compliment your light fitting with the right globes

One very easy way to bring a touch of the traditional to a modern light fitting using modern technology is to install LED filament globes, particularly where you have installed more open fittings and the impact of this traditional style globe is best seen.

LED filament globes help blend modern and traditional lighting styles

5. Combine design elements

There are many light fittings that will combine the typical clean lines of modern lighting with the more ornate features of a traditional light fitting.
The Margo for instance, takes that very clean round style and combines it with a crystal inlay to give that nod to the traditional.

Modern adn traditional lighting styles can blend by combining elements of each

Rovert Ligting & Electrical can help you select the right lighting for your traditional or modern space, and discuss with you the options for bringing in the different design elements to create a cohesive flow in your home that seamlessly combines modern and traditional lighting styles.

Visit us in-store, or email us with some images of your space, to see how we can help you get the mix of old and new right.

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