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6 Decorating Ideas for LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is becoming increasingly popular as a modern decorating choice.  Available in a wide range of colours, lumen levels and flexibility, it is incredibly versatile and customisable, making it the perfect choice for adding ambience or task lighting to literally any space!

Below are a few ideas for using LED strip lighting in your home.

1. Ceiling

A lot of modern homes are using shadow line cornices, which offer a great housing for strip lighting.  Use it to highlight architectural detail on your ceiling or to provide an all over ambient light in the space.  Perfect in bedrooms to provide that warm inviting ambient feeling, or as a soft night light option.

2. Stairs

Strip lighting can be added to stairs either beneath the treads or beneath railings.  It is a perfect solution to safety concerns on stairs.

Add LED strip lighting to stairs

3. Mirrors

Backlighting a mirror with strip lighting is a great solution to task lighting in the bathroom. It is often chosen as a more appropriate option over traditional vanity bulbs due to it’s ability to provide an even light where you need it most. 
It is important to note that use of any lighting in wet areas needs to have an appropriate IP rating for the space.

4. Decor

Strip lighting can be used to highlight features in your décor. This might include things like artworks or picture frames where you can get creative by mounting LED strip lighting inside.  It might be statement pieces of furniture, such as glass cabinets that, with the right lighting, allow you to showcase their contents.  Or, it might be as simple as mounting some LED strip lighting under shelving in a bookcase.  Whatever it’s use in your décor, it is a great way to bring ambience to a space while bringing out the best in your décor!

LED strip lighting great for highlighting features

5. Kitchen

The kitchen is where LED strip lighting is still most commonly purposed. Perfect mounted under benches or under upper cabinets to provide both ambient and task lighting, without the need for overwhelming a space with large, or traditionally bright, light fixtures.
Strip lighting also works well under kick boards for providing a more subdued night light, perfect for the middle of the night glass of water!

Use LED strip lighting under kitchen benches

6. Outdoors

LED strip lighting has a wide array of uses outside as well.
You can mount them on or under railings, on stair treads, along pathways, under your roof line, along decks and porches, and on outdoor furniture.
Wherever mounted outside, LED strip lighting will provide an ambience and help to keep your family and guests safe during time spent outdoors after dark.
It is important to consult with professionals before selecting your outdoor lighting to ensure you are meeting IP rating criteria.

When considering WHERE you will use LED strip lighting, it is also important to consider WHAT type of strip lighting will best serve your needs.  Considerations such as IP rating is a foremost consideration, however, it is also important to look at colour and colour temperature so you are getting the “feel” and functionality you need from your LED strip lighting.

If for instance, you are lighting your kitchen cabinets or benches, you might want a cooler brighter white light to provide more task oriented lighting.  You might, however, choose a warmer white light to mount up into kickboards in your kitchen, just as you would probably opt for a warmer white light in your bedroom to create that warm ambient feel.  There is also the option of coloured LED strip lighting becoming increasingly popular in modern homes.  And for those not quite sure, there is always the option of colour changing technology that will allow you to change the colour of your strip lighting to match your needs or your mood.

Change feel of a space with colour changing LED strip lighting

One of the advantages to using LED strip lighting is that it is so customisable to your needs and your space.  The knowledgeable staff at Rovert Lighting & Electrical can walk you through the options.  Simply bring in your measurements and we can get the LED strip lighting ordered specifically to meet your needs.

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