3-in-1 Bathroom Units – Back to Basics

Whether you are building your new home or renovating your old bathroom, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetic selections like tiles, colours and tapware. These are the items that will make your bathroom pleasing to the eye, and give you that “feel” you want from your bathroom.

What is not as well considered, are the choices you make regarding heating, lighting and ventilation in your bathroom.  These choices are, in fact, some of the most crucial to ensure your bathroom always looks it’s best, that it serves the function it is intended for, and most importantly, that it stands the test of time.

Let’s get back to basics and take a look at some of the features of your bathroom that should make your heating, lighting and ventilation an integral part of your overall bathroom design.

Bathroom windows are often kept small and to a minimum

To maintain our privacy from the outside world, bathroom windows are often small and kept to a minimum. The effect of this is twofold.

Firstly, reduced window size and number means reduced natural ventilation, which can quite often mean your bathroom is not getting adequate airflow.

Secondly, it also means reduced natural light, making putting on make-up or shaving or any other close-up task, all the more difficult.

So, in space where you need the most ventilation and the most natural light, you actually have the least of each.

3-in-1 Bathroom Units – Back to Basics -

Bathrooms produce odours

Your bathroom is one of the spaces in your home most likely to produce and hold odours, particularly if you don’t have a separate toilet. 

3-in-1 Bathroom Units – Back to Basics -

Bathrooms produce damp

Consider the amount of practical use your bathroom gets, and then consider the type of use.  Of all spaces in your home, your bathroom is the most likely to deteriorate more quickly.  Hot showers paired with reduced natural airflow, and your bathroom is a breeding ground for dampness, mould and mildew.  Besides some serious health issues that mould can create, mould and damp are the enemies of your bathroom’s structural integrity.  Prolonged dampness in your bathroom can lead to deterioration of fixtures and fittings, but also deterioration of wall, floor and ceiling structures.  When these latter deteriorate, it is often hidden from sight, and so can cause a great deal of damage that you may be unaware of. 

3-in-1 Bathroom Units – Back to Basics -

Bathrooms fog up!

Aside from the potentially serious and costly structural effects of dampness in your bathroom, there is also a very frustrating one … the fogged mirror!  Even the largest of bathrooms will have steam build-up that, without proper ventilation, can lead to some frustrating moments and take away from the sanctuary we all want our bathroom to be!

Bathrooms are typically cold spaces

Bathrooms are one of the few spaces in your home where warmth is most appreciated, however, they are typically the coldest spaces.  Being a wet area, bathrooms generally have tiled floors and lack warm textiles, and so, can be cold and difficult to heat.

A good heating, lighting and ventilation plan for your bathroom is essential.  Heating and lighting can help bring warmth and light to a space that can feel quite cold by its very nature, and a good ventilation system will help prolong the life of your bathroom and help you avoid costly repairs.

A great solution to all of these issues, is to invest in a 3-in-1 bathroom light, heater and exhaust unit.  It meets all the functionality needs of your bathroom, and with so many innovative slimline designs now available, can even bring it’s own element of style to your space.

Rovert Lighting & Electrical have a wide range of 3-in-1 units available and a great range of other lighting options to meet your bathroom lighting needs.  Contact us to discuss your bathroom needs with one of our friendly knowledgeable lighting experts.