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5 Tips for Making Dark Rooms Brighter with Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting can be a versatile lighting solution for many areas of our home. Our homes are our oasis, the place we spend most of our time, and the place we use to unwind, relax, entertain, work, and so much more.  The right lighting plays an integral role in helping us complete these tasks, but also in creating spaces we want to be in, creating spaces that make it feel like home.

For some areas of our home, lighting needs to work a little harder.  Spaces we work in, cook in, smaller spaces, and spaces where natural light is not abundant.  Pendant lighting can be the perfect solution. It is space saving in those smaller areas of your home, where floor space is precious real estate. And, it can provide the perfect ambient light needed to light darker areas of your home.

Brighten your Space with Pendant Lighting

Brightening a dark room will immediately make it more appealing. It’s also important to keep floors and walkways open in rooms that lack light, which means there’s less space for ornamental pieces and bigger items of furniture that display style and character.

Not every room is flooded with natural light but for those of you wanting to make the most of your dark space, we’ve put together a short guide with some simple steps you can use to transform your dull room into a light-filled oasis using pendant lighting.

Brighten Dark Spaces with Pendant Lighting

1. Carefully Place Pendant Lighting Fixtures

It’s important to choose a pendant light that fits well with the rest of the room. When choosing light fixtures, you should consider the overall brightness in the room while also considering the areas of your home that you want to accentuate.

If a room in your home is only lacking in light in certain areas, a well-placed pendant light will brighten up a dark space beautifully.

One overhead light fixture usually isn’t enough to illuminate your room but if you layer your light sources correctly, you can highlight different parts of the space.

Pendant lighting can be teamed with a variety of overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to work in harmony so that your room feels layered in light without feeling uncomfortably bright.

You can also team different lengths of pendant lights together in a particularly dark room to lift the lighting and create an accent statement.

Team different lengths of pendant lighting

2. Amplify Light with Mirrors

While it is common knowledge that mirrors can make a small space appear larger, it’s less known that they can also brighten up a dark room.

In a dark and dreary room, mirrors are your new best friend. To take advantage of every light source available you should hang wall mirrors anywhere possible. Mirrors work well behind dining room tables, above fireplaces and in dingy hallways.

However, mirrors aren’t the only way to boost light sources in your home. Accessories with reflective surfaces will also act as a natural light diffuser to amplify the light from your pendant lighting.

Mirrors help reflect pendant lighting

3. Match Pendant Lights with Aesthetics

Pendant lights are an amazingly versatile style of lighting fixture that can be used to brighten up almost any room, but for your space to look natural and inviting it’s essential to find the perfect pendant light that will tie the aesthetics of your room together.

Choosing the right pendant lighting for your room, can double as an artistic feature that ties the whole room together with the perfect light balance while drawing attention away from difficult to light areas of your room.

4. Install a Dimmer Switch

We often get asked if it’s possible to install pendant lighting on a dimmer switch, and the answer is yes!

While it may seem counterproductive in lighting your room, installing a dimmer switch will give you a versatile lighting option to control the brightness of the pendant lighting in your home. They work with many common lighting fixtures, and you can use them to quickly adapt the ambiance of any room to suit your mood, especially when your room has more than one light source.

For multi-purpose rooms, installing a dimmer will not only save on electricity, but also offers a simple solution to brighten a dull room while giving flexible lighting options depending on the time of day, occasion or mood.

5. Consider your Light Shades

The brightness of your pendant light is decided in part by its light shade, which can be chosen to match the décor of your room.

It may seem obvious, but clearer shades on your pendant lighting will allow more light to escape to brighten your room, whereas a solid shade will focus light on a specific surface. When selecting your pendant lighting for a darker space, consider choosing a fixture with clear glass, a large shade or go urban-chic with a shade-less fixture.

You should also carefully team your shade with an appropriate light bulb. Clear bulbs produce more glare, while bulbs with a soft frost cast a glow on your room.

Install pendant lighting with glass shade

With lighting options for your home, business or commercial space, and with the largest display of lighting in New South Wales, Rovert Lighting and Electrical are your go-to lighting experts.

We stock a range of island, linear, down, centre bowl, mini, shaded and cluster pendant lights to choose from. Our expert team offers a quality service that is second to none to bring you the latest lighting concepts and technology.

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