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How to make an Impact with your Driveway Lighting

Driving into a well-lit driveway after a long day can give you a feeling of truly being at home, whilst also helping to reduce the amount of accidents due to poor visibility.  Great driveway lighting can also make your home easier to find for new visitors and enhance your beautiful landscape and gardens.

Before looking at some lighting options that will shine a light on your driveway, and make a real impact on the exterior aesthetic of your home, let’s look at some of the reasons good driveway lighting is important.

Why is good driveway lighting so important?

Increased safety – An obvious one, but the right driveway lights can provide the necessary illumination to make a driveway or pathway safer, reducing the chances of trips and falls.

Increased security – Having a well-lit driveway or garden can enhance the security of your property and deter potential intruders.

Makes your home more visible – By installing lights along your driveway, or even selectively placed at the start of your driveway, it will make your home more visible from the street, and so, much easier for visitors to find.

Create a visual impact – Good driveway lighting creates visual appeal, and a great first impression for visitors to your home.

Guide traffic – Having lights along your driveway really helps guide and direct new visitors to your home and where the front door and parking options are located. This helps your visitors, but also helps protect any surrounding lawn or garden areas from vehicle or foot traffic damage.

Good driveway lighting improves safety, visibility and appeal

What are some of the common driveway lighting types

Garden Spike

Exterior spikes are a very versatile lighting option. They are available in a variety of colours, materials, solar and cable styles, whilst being extremely functional, they are excellent for driveways, pathways and general garden use.

Inground Uplighters

There are many varieties, colours and styles available with weight limits of up to 1000kg which is perfect for driveway lighting.

LED Flood Light

LED flood lights are a high luminous light with a long life, ensuring low maintenance and operating costs. These are perfect for home and commercial spaces, including landscaped areas, halls, billboards, car parks and general security.


There are many different types of bollards available from modern to classic looks, which are suitable for all styles of homes.  They are surface mounted and provide high illumination, which is perfect for gardens and driveways,

Bollards provide visual guidance as driveway lighting

Wall and Pillar Lights

The sleek up and down light is the perfect feature to enhance walls and pillars. It illuminates both upwards and downward creating columns of light for a dramatic effect.

Wall and pillar lights provide visual impact as driveway lighting

Sensor Lights

Whenever movement is detected within the range of the sensor the light it will automatically illuminate the area, and whilst movement is still detected, it will stay lit. Different options are available depending on the brand you choose. Some of our best selling sensor lights include:

Outdoor Spotlights

Outdoor spotlights are perfect for creating dramatic effects. They are available in variety of styles and usually have the swivel option which allows you to highlight a specific feature or shine a light where you need it the most.

Visit your local Rovert Lighting and Electrical Showroom to view our wide range of driveway lighting options, including security lights, recessed driveway lights, flat driveway lights, and outdoor wall lights. Take the time to chat with one of experts to help realise your ideas and find the right driveway options to suit your requirements. Our showrooms are located at:

Driveway Lighting Tips

Lastly, a few useful tips to consider when looking at installing or upgrading your driveway lighting.

  1. If you are planning to install a new driveway, consider recessed lighting during the installation process.
  2. Monitoring sensors or security lights should be positioned near the garage and entry doors for increased security.
  3. Include driveway lighting in your overall landscaping and design of your home, creating a seamless flow throughout your home and gardens.
  4. Homes with short drives can easily make an impact by fixing outdoor wall lights close to the front door or on pillars.
  5. Up lighting is perfect for highlighting your landscape and lighting up your driveway.
  6. Solar lights are a great option if you are not wanting to install electrical cabling down a long driveway. When placing your lights remember to take into consideration trees and bushes which may cast shadows over your lights and hinder their ability to charge.
  7. Placing simple lighting options, like string lights, in your tree or shrubs can provide a magnificently warm and inviting glow for guests.

Chat to your local Rovert Lighting and Electrical lighting expert to find the right driveway options to suit your requirements.

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