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What are the Benefits of Dimmable Lights?

Dimmable lights provide adjustable lighting options for your light fixtures, and are perfect for creating mood, saving energy and taking control of your lighting options. 

Having dimmable lights in your home means you have the flexibility to change the brightness of a light, as well as the atmosphere you are wanting to create, within any room in your home. This is also a fantastic option if your eyes are sensitive to bright light or if you are caring for someone who is aged or unwell.  It’s also perfect for summer seasons, where you may only need a little light.

What are the benefits of dimmable lights?

1. Dimmable lights can save you energy

One of the main benefits of having dimmable lights in your home is savings on your electricity bill. With most homes making the switch to LED, the energy savings are minimal for lighting that is already extremely energy efficient, but with ever rising energy costs, every little bit counts!

Essentially, the “brighter” an LED light is, the more energy it is using. So, a dimmed LED light will use less energy than an identical LED light running at full brightness.

In the same, sense, dimming your LED lights, will also save you money in the long run, as, by reducing the “brightness”, or wattage, you are also reducing the wear and tear on the light, which can increase the lifespan of your light. With LED lights already having a lifespan anywhere between 15,000 to 30,000 hours, you make never have to change a light bulb again!

Dimmable lights can save you energy

2. Dimmable lights provide greater lighting control

By installing dimmable lights, you can control the lighting with the flick of a switch. And, with some great smart lighting options now available, you have greater control of your lighting, all at the simple touch of your smart phone!

Whether you want to dim a light to create a relaxing mood, or to put a child to sleep, to create a soft glow at night, or increase the brightness to read a book, dimmable lights give you greater control to set the lighting you need.

Dimmable lights provide greater lighting control

3. Dimmable lights are great for creating mood

Installing lighting with dimming options in your home is an effective way to set the mood in individual rooms, without the need for extra lighting options. Using a dimmer switch allows you to have complete control of the amount of light you want in any space. Turning down the lights can make a room feel comfortable and cosy, but turning them up can create a bright workspace.

Use dimmable lights to create mood in different areas of your home.

  1. Living Room – great if you want to dim the lights to create a more intimate setting to snuggle up and watch a movie, but then you have the option to create a bright light for tasks, like reading a book or sewing.
  2. Kitchen – If you have open plan living in your home, installing dimmable lights in the kitchen is great for when you don’t want to light up the whole space, and disturb anyone in other spaces of your home.
  3. Dining Room Having the lights very bright in the dining room, doesn’t scream out romantic dinner. Use a dimmer to really set the tone without having to add additional lighting options. This is a great way to have ‘date night’ without needing to even leave the house.
  4. Master Bedroom – It’s not very often that you require your bedroom to be brightly lit. To help with creating a relaxing mood, install a dimmable light fitting to provide an easy option.
  5. Children’s Bedroom – dimmable lights are ideal in a kids bedroom. Use lighting to set a peaceful mood for sleep, or as a night light that won’t disturb sleep through the night. Also ideal in hallways or connecting rooms where a small soft glow can provide a pathway to your child’s bedroom in the middle of the night.
Use dimmable lights in kids bedroom

At Rovert Lighting and Electrical we have a huge variety of lighting options available. We stock pendant lights, downlights, outdoor lights and a variety of lights that have dimming options.  Contact Rovert Lighting and Electrical today for more information. Our experienced consultants will be delighted to assist you.

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