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Kitchen Pendant Lighting

The kitchen is a dynamic space used for different purposes throughout the day and night, so getting the lighting right is essential. Kitchen pendant lighting is the perfect way to ensure good task lighting, but also add a little of your own personality.

The Role of Kitchen Pendant Lighting

As kitchens are often part of an open-plan zone, having several sources of lighting allows you to account for all types of lighting needs.

Ambient Lighting provides for the overall general lighting of your kitchen. Downlights, for instance, are a great source of ambient light in the kitchen.

Task Lighting is light sources included to complete specific tasks in your kitchen. Task lighting might include spotlights or pendant lights positioned in task oriented zones.

Pendant lights have the added advantage of providing decorative lighting in your kitchen. While the kitchen is a very practical space in your home, in modern homes, it is also an extension of other spaces, and so, introducing lighting that reflects your personality, as well as other design elements in your home is a great way to bring your spaces together. And, this is easily done with the addition of kitchen pendant lighting.

Decorative Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are among the most popular and most widely-varied styles of lighting. They’re also broadly defined, so many lights can fit under the pendant umbrella. By definition, the word pendant refers to any hanging lighting fixture that is mounted on a chain, stem, cable or wire, and so, leaves much scope to introduce kitchen pendant lighting that will meet needs, as well as add a design element to your kitchen.

The most popular use of kitchen pendant lighting is over the kitchen island, or bench, as task lighting. Pendant lights provide good illumination of a working surface, and have the added advantage of bringing life and personality to the space.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Styles

Not sure what style of pendant light will suit your kitchen? Some of the more common lighting styles include traditional or classic, modern or contemporary, modern industrial, or a lighting style that draws on natural elements.

Traditional style pendant lights often showcase elegant designs adorned with decorative flourishes. You’ll also find traditional lights with looks inspired by classic decor styles and eras. Some of our favourite traditional styles include:

Contemporary: Contemporary style pendant lights are very streamlined and minimal in appearance. They are sometimes, though not always, little more than a cord and a light source.

A modern industrial style is always a popular choice for kitchen pendant lighting. Drawing together raw industrial elements into a contemporary style, it blends styles to bring function and design together nicely in kitchens.

Modern homes draw a lot on the idea of blending spaces, including a seamless step between the inside and exterior spaces of your home. Pendant lighting that draws on natural elements is perfect for achieving this blend in your kitchen.

Of course, there are many more styles to choose from when it come to kitchen pendant lighting. if you remember to cover off the tasks your kitchen lighting needs to help complete, then the sky really is the limit when it comes to design.

An element worth noting that works beautifully in kitchens is glass. Glass pendant lights have the ability to combine so many of the features we have already noted, yet remain a feature on their own. They also have the added advantage of not obstructing your view, that view to the outdoors, or maybe your view to other spaces in your home. Being generally a lot more minimalistic, they also won’t detract from other hero features in your kitchen.

Glass is also the perfect material for ambient lighting as the light source will flow out to contribute to the overall lighting of your kitchen. Remember, that if you choose a shaded pendant light, that this will provide a more directed light that will be ideal for task lighting, but not necessarily provide ample overall lighting.

Glass Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Positioning Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Generally, pendant light fittings are placed above an island bench in a single plane. A good guideline is to use the “Rule of Three”, as to the human eye, the most balanced configuration appears to be an odd number.

Hanging your pendants over your kitchen bench, allowing for optimal use of the work space, and without losing the impact of your lighting, should be around 90cm from the top of your bench. With standard bench height around 90cm, your pendant will hang around 60cm from a standard ceiling height of 2.4m.

Positioning Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Brightness of Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Before purchasing your pendant lighting, you must consider the brightness you need to get out of the light fitting itself. This will depend on several factors including the purpose of the light. Are you using the pendant as task lighting, ambient, or decorative purposes only? What other light sources are in the room?

Generally, for kitchen lighting in general a cool white is better for task lighting. A 4000k colour temperature is probably a good natural light that still provides the brightness required to complete tasks.

Remember though, particularly if you have an open plan kitchen, to go for the same colour temperature light as you have used in rooms that flow into your kitchen. This is particularly the case for downlights. If you need to adjust your lighting for the different spaces of your home, a good way to do this is to install dimmers, so that you can adjust the brightness as required without losing continuity of colour temperature.

The options really are endless when it comes to kitchen pendant lighting! Choosing a style that combines functionality with a designer look has become a lot easier with lighting design that takes it cues from the way we use and live in our homes.

If you still aren’t quite sure what lighting your kitchen needs, or need assistance finding a style that’s right for your kitchen, chat to one of our lighting experts. We can help you get the most out of your kitchen in terms of function and design!

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