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Practical Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the perfect way to add a statement to your room. Not only do they provide illumination to your space, they can act as a piece of art, all at the flick of a switch!

Hanging pendant lights correctly, however, is crucial.  Pendant lights hung at the wrong height can quickly turn your pendant into a statement for all the wrong reasons!

Hung too low, pendant lights can detract from the look and functionality of your space. Hung too high, the dramatic effect, as well as functionality, of your pendant light will be lost.

However, from a purely aesthetic perspective, the size and style of pendant light, as well as personal preference can also play a part in the optimal height at which your pendant light is hung.

Optimal heights for hanging pendant lights

Below are a few classic uses of pendant lighting, and a guide to their ideal height considerations.

Bedside pendant lights

The use of pendant lights as an alternative to a bedside lamp has become a trend over the last few years. The key to getting this right, however, is ensuring that you will have the same functionality from your pendant as you would from a regular bedside lamp.

There are a couple of good rules of thumb to follow here. Hang your pendant lights at the height equivalent that the shade or globe on a bedside lamp would sit, usually around 1.2m from the floor.

With standard ceiling height around 2.4m, hanging your pendant 1.2m from the ceiling also means it will sit around the ideal 1.2m from the floor.  This allows maximum light diffusion for task specific illumination, while still allowing room below the bottom of the pendant for placing things on your bedside table.

Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights as a Bedside Lamp

Pendants above a kitchen bench

Pendant lights can be the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen, or they can be the functional death of your kitchen work space! It’s important to consider what purpose your kitchen pendants serve. Are they purely decorative, or do they need to light your work spaces to complete your usual kitchen tasks? This will determine what type of pendant lighting you choose.

Hanging your pendants over your kitchen bench, allowing for optimal use of the work space, and without losing the impact of your lighting, should be around 90cm from the top of your bench. With standard bench height around 90cm, your pendant will hang around 60cm from a standard ceiling height of 2.4m.

Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights in your Kitchen

Pendants above a dining table

Hanging pendant lights above your dining table is where you can take a little liberty with your personal preferences. So long as you always consider functionality, and in particular line of sight to your dining table guests; the size, style and desired impact can play a part in your final pendant height.

A general guide, however, is to hang your pendant between 75-95cm above the dining table.  

Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights over Dining Table

Pendants hung in a stairwell or entryway

Pendants can be tricky in high traffic areas. The first question to always ask here is “Can I comfortably walk beneath my pendant light?”

As a guide, pendants should sit at least 2.1-2.4m above the stairs, or walkway; or around 20-30cm from a standard 2.4m ceiling height.

Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights in Stairs or Entry

Bathroom pendant lights

Pendants hung in the bathroom can provide that small touch of glam, but be careful not to compromise functionality. Your bathroom is the one place in your home where the right lighting at the right height is important for completing those essential tasks.

As a general rule, hang pendants in the bathroom at eye level, or just above, and preferably in a corner or area of the bathroom where space and access will not be a concern.

Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights in Bathroom

While these tips are a great guide to hanging pendant lights, your final test should always be to stand back and check!  The above guide is just that, adjustments will always need to be made to compensate for ceiling heights, furniture placement, room size and room layout.  That, and ensuring your electrician is on top of safe and compliant placement!

To see tips on choosing the right pendant for your space, visit our “Selecting the Right Pendant Lights for Your Space”

Or, to see more tips, tricks and inspiration on everything lighting, why not follow us on Instagram!

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