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The Versatility of Timber Lights

Timber lights, like many other forms of lighting using natural elements, have been a staple in lighting trends for some years.  And, there are many reasons why they continue to be a popular lighting choice.

Lighting with timber elements can bring a sense of nature into your home and provide a warm, inviting atmosphere. They are available in a variety of styles; pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, and even ceiling fans.

Why choose timber lights?

  • Timber lights, like other forms of natural lighting styles, are perfect for bringing a sense of nature into your home, of creating a connection between in the indoor and outdoor areas of your home.
  • Timber, in particular, is also the ideal element to add a sense of warmth and cosiness to a space, being that timber itself is used in many forms to add a natural element of warmth.
  • Timber offers choice, being that no two timbers are ever exactly the same. Add a washed timber to compliment your coastal décor, or go for something for natural and earthy, and you have a completely different feel.
  • Timber is versatile and easily paired with other elements to compliment your décor. And, it doesn’t have to be a timber light. It might be something contemporary that has an element of timber to help soften it.
  • Timber lights have a timeless element, rarely going out of style, and easily adaptable to different decors. Changing out your décor doesn’t have to mean changing out your timber lights.
  • Timber lights are easily mantained.
Timber lights add warmth

What styles are most suited to timber lights?

Timber, in its natural form, is perfect for creating a coastal, relaxed vibe, so is often readily seen in more coastal decors. Timber, however, is extremely versatile, particularly when paired with other elements, so really, can be used to compliment or contrast many decors and styles.

Adding timber lights, for instance, to more contemporary, or even industrial, decors, will help to soften and add life and warmth to what may typically be more “heavy” or “clinical” styles.

Shop some of our favourite timber lights

Shop lights in timber with complimentary elements to add warmth while adding a contemporary element.

Shop lights that use timber as their accent, to soften and add warmth to their design.

Shop timber lights whose design highlights a certain aesthetic. Like these pendant lights, that feature timber that both enhances and highlights an industrial aesthetic.

Other uses of timber in lighting

Timber is also a popular choice in lamps. Lamps, by their very nature, add to a layered lighting effect in a space, and therefore, add a warmth all their own. Add timber elements to this, and timber lamps can be the perfect choice for adding a layer of warmth to your home.

Timber lighting options are not just limited to lights but also available in ceiling fans. With advances in ceiling fan technology and design, we have seen ceiling fans become a popular design choice in place of other lighting options.

Timber lights in ceiling fan design

Caring for your Timber Lights

Here are a few tips on how to keep your timber light fixtures looking their best;

  1. Dust regularly with a soft dry cloth
  2. Occasional treatments using a lemon essential oil will prevent the wood from drying out, whilst also preserving the lustre of the finish.


Apply a small amount of oil on to a clean soft cloth, gently rub the oil all over the surface of the wood.  Then with a clean cloth buff to finish.  Do not put the oil directly onto the wooden light fitting or it’s fixtures.

Timber works very well alongside any other metal, so the choices are endless when it comes to picking the perfect timber, oak, veneer, beech or bamboo light fitting for your home.   

For other timber lighting options, speak to the lighting experts at Rovert Lighting & Electrical. With a large supplier base, if we don’t have it in stock, chances are we can get it in for you!

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