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Top 10 Lighting Trends for 2022

Like any trend, lighting design evolves.  It marks out new territory, it follows seasonal changes, and, like many trends, it reclaims the old, recreating it into something new and fresh.

While lighting trends for 2022 will follow these same rules, they will be guided by a redefinition of our homes over the last two years.  For so many, home became more than just a sanctuary at the end of the day, it became a place to work, to celebrate, to entertain, it became the place we spent most of our time.

With this redefinition, we have started to see a move toward bolder design choices in lighting, choices that reflect and make a personal statement.  As well as choices, that help to bring spaces together.

See What Lighting Trends are Set to Shine in 2022

The Combination of Marble and Metallic

Marble is not a new element in lighting, but it is one we are seeing more of, particularly in combination with metallic finishes, which help restrain the opulent feel of marble.

This combination we are seeing a lot in lamps. Our Ville lamp, in floor or table lamp, is a great example of the use of these combined materials.

Bold Lighting Design

Reinforcing that redefinition of the home, bold lighting choices are set to be a popular choice in 2022.  We are seeing more people looking for unique statement pieces that really reflect their personal style.  Think sculptural, over-sized, mixed materials, and larger than life design.  These bolder lighting choices reflect that sense of individuality and uniqueness people are looking to build in their home.

Lighting Trends 2022 using Bold Designs

Simple Use of Wall Lights to Compliment the Hero Lighting Piece

On the opposite end of the scale, we are seeing a resurgence of simple wall lighting choices for ambient lighting, that will allow the statement pieces to shine.  Wall lights, or wall sconces, set in the right places, provide an overall light within a space, while not detracting from the hero piece in the room.

Because wall lights are good at providing a soft light within a space, they have also been a popular choice to help create that feeling of sanctuary and cosiness we have needed from our homes over the last two years.  They are also the perfect alternative to lamps, where floor space may be an issue.  The use of wall lights is a trend we expect to see more of in 2022.  Here are some of our most popular wall light choices.

Chandeliers as Statement Pieces

Yes, chandeliers have been making their comeback, and we see this continuing into 2022, with new modern, architectural designs set to play centre stage.

Even the old style chandeliers, with their glamorous charm have been a winner this year.  Used in many a bathroom, dining room, or bedroom to add a touch of opulence.

In 2022, we are expecting to see more of the modern chandelier. Think sculptural, with more straight lines, and the inclusion of metallic finishes.

Lighting Trends 2022 using Modern Chandeliers

The Switch to Surface Mount Downlights

For so long, recessed downlights have been the staple in Australian homes, and we don’t think this is set to change anytime soon, but we are seeing surface mount downlights become a popular choice.  This may be a reflection of that little push toward personality, or it may simply be the desire to let all your lighting shine.  Whatever the reason, we expect to see more use of surface mount downlights in 2022. 

The versatile Nella range from Havit Lighting is one of our best selling surface mount downlights.

LED Lighting as Artwork

With advances in LED lighting, this has been a growing trend, and with increased demand for new and unique lighting designs, this trend is set to continue into 2022.

Lighting Trends 2022 using LED Design

Throwback to the Classics

We see it all the time in fashion, designs are re-born, and shaped into something with a contemporary feel. 

Classic lighting options like chandeliers, fabrics and the use of natural materials have made a comeback, along with lighting designs inspired by art deco, and the like.  We see a lot of this in Australia with home renovators looking to bring back the classic feel of their period home, or to blend styles to create something all their own.  A trend we think will continue into 2022.

Environmentally Friendly Lighting Choices

The use of natural raw materials in lighting isn’t new, however, as we become more environmentally conscious, more of us are turning to more environmentally friendly choices in lighting too, a trend set to continue well beyond 2022 we expect.

As well as all the usual materials, timber, bamboo, natural fabrics, we have seen the use of hand blown glass light fixtures gain popularity.  Again, we suspect, this plays into the uniqueness of these fittings, with no fitting being exactly the same.

Lighting Trends 2022 using Natural Materials

Nordic Inspired Designs

There are so many new designs coming out that really play to that Nordic feel.  Brass finishes set against opal white shades are the most popular, and we are seeing some really modern designs come from this inspiration that we expect will really take off in 2022.

The Minimalist Feel

Minimalism has been making a comeback in home design for a while now, and so it makes sense that lighting would follow this trend.

For minimalist lighting, think straight lines, the absence of unnecessary details, and basic matt black, white or grey colour choices.

Whatever your lighting choices for 2022, we hope this has helped bring a little inspiration!  If you would like some expert advice on lighting your home, Rovert Lighting & Electrical can help.  With a large range of stockists, you are sure to find the perfect lighting for your home!

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