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How to Choose Linear Lighting

Offering both form and function, linear lighting continues to be a popular choice in lighting thanks to their versatility and sleek, slimline design. Boasting a long and horizontal profile that gently illuminates the room, they consist of long LED bulbs or fluorescent tubes that are either suspended or attached to the ceiling or wall.

Why Choose Linear lighting?

Providing focused, elongated lighting within a room, linear lights are ideal for creating task lighting in spaces that need a crisp, constant line of light, such as above a dining table or an kitchen island bench. 

Linear Lighting ideal for Task Lighting

With the ability to illuminate wide spaces, they’re also an excellent way of making a room look and feel wider thanks to their wide illumination of light. And their versatility means they can be used in a multitude of interior spaces.

types of linear lights

When we typically think of linear lighting, in the form of continuous illumination without any breaks, we generally think of lighting that runs horizontally. This has possibly stemmed from our most common use of linear lighting in the form of fluorescent tubes.

With innovations in LED lighting however, linear lighting has been able to take on many different and new forms. The most popular would certainly have to be linear lighting in the form of pendant lights, and with advances in LED technology, the designs for linear pendants are almost endless. A lot of designs will still use a horizontal bar to either house or suspend a linear light source. However, linear lighting is now able to be produced in a range of designs that don’t necessarily take on the typical linear form, yet still follow a continuous linear line.

Linear lighting can also take on other forms, such as wall lights that may run either horizontally or vertically, while still providing that continuous unbroken illumination.

Linear Lighting has Many Forms

With an extensive range of linear lights available in a variety of styles, colours and finishes, some of our most popular linear lights include:

The contemporary Swirl pendant light features integrated 28w LED lights which are ‘swirled’ through the arms to lay gently across a main bar support.

Crafted in aluminium, the Aura Bar Wall Light can be hung either vertically or horizontally and is great for creating subtle background lighting or to highlight a statement feature of your home.

The Metrix 6 light LED pendant is a statement piece with six adjustable arms that can be arranged in a number of ways to create a unique lighting centrepiece.

The stunning Suko comes in pendant form, or close to ceiling from, with integrated 50w LED incorporated into the gently sweeping arms.

Things to consider in selecting your linear lightng

When deciding on the type of linear light to use, it’s worth thinking about the purpose it will serve. If the room already has downlights or if you’re wanting to add a decorative feature, it’s worth selecting a light with low wattage.

However, if the linear light is the main source of light in the room, or you need it for task lighting such as hanging over a kitchen bench, we recommend choosing a light with a stronger wattage, and, possibly with dimmers to give you full control.

Another factor to consider if you are looking at a linear light in pendant form, is the best way to hang your linear light. Given the average height of Australian ceilings is approximately 2.4 metres, a general rule of thumb is that linear lights should be about 30 to 50 cm from the ceiling. 

And, if you’re hanging a linear light over a dining table, the recommended height is 70 – 80cm above the tabletop which leaves enough room to avoid people bumping their heads on the light.

For more linear lighting options, check out our online range or chat to one of our friendly Rovert Lighting & Electrical team who can help you decide on linear lighting options ideal for your space. Contact us today on 4952 5600.

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