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Do I Need a Downrod for my Ceiling Fan?

Do you need a downrod or extension rod for your ceiling fan?

It’s a small part of a ceiling fan, and one most of us do not pay too much attention to – the rod that connects the fan with the ceiling.  While it may be a small part, it is an important part, and can make a huge difference in how well the air from your ceiling fan is circulated around the room.

Do I Need a Downrod for my Ceiling Fan? - Ceiling Fan

What is a Downrod?

Ceiling fans already come equipped with a standard rod that connects the fan to the ceiling.  However, this rod is often short in length.  Sometimes, you need a fan to drop further down from the ceiling to provide an effective flow of air.  Enter a ‘downrod’. or extension rod.  A downrod is a pipe, usually metal, that connects the fan, or specifically the motor housing of the fan, to the ceiling mount.

A downrod has two primary and important functions, one is to stabilise the fan and prevent it from wobbling when in motion, and the second is to aid the proper flow of air while maintaining a safe distance between the blades of the fan and the ceiling, as well as the blades of the fan and the floor.

Do I Need a Downrod for my Ceiling Fan? - Ceiling Fan

Do I Need a Downrod for My Ceiling Fan?

There are a number of factors to take into consideration to answer this question.

1. Check the height of your ceiling
Most Australian homes have a standard 2400mm ceiling height.  Under Australian standards, the minimum height from floor to the lowest part of the ceiling fan needs to be 2100mm, and as such, most ceiling fans are designed to produce optimal airflow at this height.  If your home has a ceiling height greater than the standard 2400mm, you may consider installing a downrod to allow for optimal airflow.

2. Check the total height of the ceiling fan
Always check the total height of the ceiling fan you are looking to purchase.  This height is calculated as the distance between the lowest part of the fan blades and the top of the fan canopy.

3. Check any pitch or angle your ceiling may have
Pitched or angled ceilings are a great example of a time when a downrod may come in handy.  Depending on the pitch of the ceiling, if the fan is hung too close, it is likely to hit the sloped ceiling.  A downrod can fix this problem by lowering the ceiling fan placement.

An important side note, always check that your ceiling fan’s canopy has the right mechanism for ensuring movement and allowing the rod to hang straight on an angled ceiling.

4. Calculate the height available
Once you have your ceiling height and your fan height, you can calculate the available space for your ceiling fan to hang.

For instance, if your ceiling height is 2800mm, your fan height is 300mm, and the minimum floor to ceiling fan height is 2100mm, then you have an available height of 400mm, in which case, you may consider installing a downrod to lower the ceiling fan placement and allow for optimal airflow.

Do I Need a Downrod for my Ceiling Fan? - Ceiling Fan

Before purchasing your Downrod

Now that you have establised that a downrod is appropriate to provide for optimal ariflow from your ceiling fan, there are some important considerations to consider before you purchase.

1. Be sure to purchase a downrod that is designed specifically for the ceiling fan you have purchased.  Downrods do not necessarily have “one size fits all” compatibility.

2. Downrods can be purchased in set sizes, but most can be cut to size by your electrician, so always ere on the side of caution and go longer if you are unsure.

The experienced team at Rovert Lighting & Electrical can help you our with all your ceiling fan needs.  Feel free to browse through our extensive range of modern indoor and outdoor ceiling fans for residential, commercial or business space, or call in and see our huge ceiling fan display and discuss what options may be right for you.

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