Advantages of Outdoor Ceiling Fans

What are the advantages of outdoor ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans are not just an excellent source of cooling indoors but can also provide the same benefits outdoors in areas like patios, porches, and pergolas. They are easy to install, provide a better throw of air, need little maintenance, and add to the charming look of our outdoor areas. Also, an outdoor ceiling fan keeps the flies and mosquitoes away as you enjoy its cool air, making your stay outdoors much more enjoyable.


However, there is an important consideration to note if you are planning to install a ceiling fan outdoors. The model of fan that is installed inside your home may not be a suitable for an outdoor installation. Ceiling fans for the outdoors are a different breed with motors and blades that are specifically designed to withstand moisture, rust, and other forces of nature that may cause issues with their running. So, your purchase decision for an outdoor fan should be based on the environment surrounding your home or commercial space.


Following are some of the advantages that outdoor ceiling fans have over their indoor counterparts.

Advantages of Outdoor Ceiling Fans - Ceiling Fans

Sturdy design and construction

The first obvious advantage that outdoor ceiling fans come with is a better design and construction meant to insulate a fan from the harsh elements of weather. Outdoor ceiling fans are not affected by moisture and dampness. Some fans that are wet-rated can also withstand rain. So, there are no problems of corrosion or the motor giving up due to moisture. These factors make them extremely durable and long-lasting.


Protection from flying bugs

Outdoor fans provide protection from flying bugs like mosquitoes and flies. As the movement the fan creates a cooling breeze, it becomes difficult for the bugs to fly through it and helps keep them out of your patio or other outdoor space.

Advantages of Outdoor Ceiling Fans - Ceiling Fans

Cooling and lighting

Most outdoor fans also come with lighting so that you can enjoy your stay outdoors even when the sun has set. A combination of cool breeze and lighting can make your stay outdoor even more relaxing and enjoyable.



Outdoor fans are more customisable than the indoor ones. Besides the usual customisations like the colour, style, and size, you have the choice of purchasing a damp- or wet-rated outdoor fan depending upon where you live and the climate.

Advantages of Outdoor Ceiling Fans - Ceiling Fans

Easy alternative to air conditioning

Ceiling fans provide a great alternative for your outdoor space where air conditioning cannot be installed. You don’t need extensive wiring or installation infrastructure and the power bills are also lower.


Now that you know how outdoor fans can enhance your experience of sitting in your deck or patio with family and friends, feel free to browse through our selection of ceiling fans that suit every style, budget, and surroundings.