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Benefits of Chandelier Lighting

Give your space that elegant appeal.

Chandelier lights have always been a symbol of elegance, opulence, and class. They grace the entrance to grand hotels and buildings. Ballrooms, event halls, and even some shopping centres use chandeliers for lighting and beauty. Many home owners also use chandelier lighting to bring a touch of style into their homes.

With the rise of the minimalist trend, however, people nowadays prefer clean and simple fixtures. Chandeliers now seem too loud, flamboyant, and out of place in these modern and minimalist homes.

Most people feel that chandeliers take too much space and would rather go with wall mounted lights and lamps. These couldn’t be any farther than the truth. Chandeliers are still the perfect lighting choice for houses and commercial spaces.  Here are some of the many benefits to choosing chandelier lighting for your home.

Chandeliers are beautiful.

Chandeliers are beautiful

Chandeliers, with their intricate designs, are simply beautiful and attractive even when the lights are off. Lamps, when turned off, may look bland and lifeless. They only add colour and warmth to the room when they are switched on.

You can bring life and character to any room, especially a big and spacious one, with a dazzling and unique chandelier lighting. It is a piece of art that can act as the centrepiece of your room. Your space will never look boring and dull. A simple chandelier can create an air of romance and glamour in your home, making it look more elegant.

Chandeliers are space-savers.

Chandeliers are space-savers

Lamps, and other lighting fixtures, can take up significant floor space in your room. They can be a safety hazard if you have kids and pets running around. Lamp wires can cause an unsuspecting child to trip. Felled lamps can also cause injuries and damage your other properties.

A chandelier that safely hangs on your ceiling will not take up any floor space at all. It also does not pose the risk of being tripped upon. Plus, you can use the extra space for other essential and useful fixtures, such as side tables or a bookshelf.

Chandeliers create a warm atmosphere.

Chandeliers create a warm atmosphere

No matter the design, chandeliers give a warm and welcoming feel to any room that other light fixtures cannot do. The lights of your chandelier are reflected and refracted in its crystals and glass, giving off more light to your room. These refractions give your space a warm glow rather than the harsh and direct light that conventional lights produce.

Moreover, conventional and modern light fixtures can look too formal and cold. If you want to make your office, conference rooms, or your home more inviting, a chandelier will do the trick. Chandeliers create that fuzzy and romantic warmth, making you and your visitors feel at home and welcomed.

Chandeliers come in a wide range of designs.

Chandeliers come in a wide range of designs

Some people worry that traditional chandeliers will not fit into the modern aesthetics of their homes. Chandelier lighting, however, now comes in a wider range of designs and materials, so there is one that will surely fit your home.

Manufacturers have introduced new materials, such as metal and blown glass. These new generation of chandeliers are more versatile, and they can be elegant, eccentric, fun, and quirky.

Unlike conventional light fixtures, chandeliers come in many shapes, styles, colours, and designs. Choose one that will perfectly blend with your interior and create the atmosphere and feel that you want. You can choose from antler, beaded, bowl, caged, candle, crystal, drum, glass, modern, tiered, and transitional chandeliers.

Chandeliers will not damage your walls.

Chandeliers will not damage your walls

Modern and minimalistic light fixtures often require you to drill holes in your walls for mounting. Every time you want to redecorate or re-purpose a room, you may have to remove these lights and cover the holes you made. Remember that constant drilling in your walls does not only create unsightly holes, but it can also weaken them.

Chandeliers, on the other hand, are hung in your ceiling. You can move furniture and redecorate all you wish, and you won’t have to remove them.

Chandeliers can transform your business space.

Chandeliers can transform your business space

Do you own a simple boutique, a coffee shop, or a small restaurant? You can make your business look more up-scale and trendy with a statement piece that will leave a mark on your customers.

Make your boutique look like a designer shop with a classic beaded chandelier. Transform your coffee shop or restaurant into an intimate space perfect for special meetings with caged or bowl chandeliers. You can install drum chandeliers if you want to create a more practical and modern feel.

There is a chandelier type for the mood you want to create for your establishment. Chandeliers give your business space a pleasant glow, which is also perfect for those social media photos.

Chandeliers are the perfect choice for every room in your home.

Chandeliers are the perfect choice for every room in your home

Who says chandeliers must only be used in living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways? You can use chandelier lightings in your bedrooms, kitchen, and even your bathroom.

A chandelier or two can instantly boost the design of any room. Choose a chandelier style that will go well with your room. Give your rooms a stylish and functional light fixture that will instantly brighten up your space and your mood.

Chandeliers provide greater coverage.

Chandeliers provide greater coverage

If you want the light to spread throughout your room evenly, then a chandelier is a perfect choice. Chandeliers give a room ambient light and make up areas and spaces that other light sources cannot cover.

Contact Rovert Lighting and Electrical for your Chandelier Needs in NSW.

Are you redecorating an old home? Are you furnishing a new one? Now is the perfect time to install an attractive and beautiful chandelier in your home. A chandelier lighting can easily transform a simple home into a special space that creates more impact.

At Rovert Lighting and Electrical, we carry a wide range of designs. Choose from traditional chandeliers to more modern ones. You will never go wrong with our statement chandeliers. From commercial spaces and buildings to residential properties, we have the right chandelier for you. Start shopping for the right light for your space today or contact us enquiries.

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