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Tips for Getting your Bathroom Lighting Right

It is easy to overlook the importance of bathroom lighting, instead focusing on other areas of the home that are more visible.  However, given we spend a large amount of time in our bathroom, it really is a space for which a lighting plan is paramount.

Any lighting plan for the bathroom needs to consider first and foremost, functionality, but also ways in which lighting can enhance the feeling you get when you are in there, particularly for many of us who use the bathroom as a sanctuary, a place to escape.

Bathroom Lighting for Functionality

Ambient Light in the Bathroom

Ambient lights provides the overall light to your bathroom.  This is most commonly in the form of something like downlights, or an overhead light fitting, such as a pendant light, or even a chandelier

Light fittings used to provide ambient light are also the most common way to introduce a little glamour into your bathroom.  As it is not lighting suitable to really complete our regular bathroom tasks most effectively, it is your opportunity to bring a little life and fun, or add a touch of glamour to you bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting - Ambient Light

Task Lighting in the Bathroom

Our bathrooms are a place to complete tasks, like washing, shaving, and applying make-up, and so require good task lighting. The right task lighting in your bathroom will ensure you have the right lighting at the right angles to complete tasks effectively.  On the flip side of that, without the right lighting things like applying make-up can go horribly wrong!

Vanity lighting is the main form of task lighting in your bathroom, and the lighting around your mirror is particularly important.  Using wall sconces mounted at eye level on either side of the mirror will ensure you are not getting shadows.

A good tip here is to avoid adding overhead lighting directly above your bathroom mirror.  Overhead lighting will throw light onto your forehead and cast shadows onto the rest of your face.

Bathroom Lighting - Task Lighting

Bathroom Lighting for Mood

Our bathrooms are often a sanctuary and a place to wind down from a busy day.  A lot of people opt for the warmth and soft glow of candles in their bathroom, but you can achieve this same feeling through the use of lighting.

Pendant lights for instance allow to add a little bit of your personality to the bathroom.  Our bathrooms can easily give us a “cold” feeling, which can be natural in a space that it typically lined with tiles and designed for functionality, and not necessarily comfort.  Adding a little of yourself into the space will help bring some warmth to your bathroom.

Wall lights or sconces are also a great way of adding warmth to your bathroom.  Usually shaded or diffused in some way, they provide a soft glow that can help take away some of the natural harshness of the space.

Bathroom Lighting - wall lights

Use of dimmers in the bathroom is also a great way to set the mood in your bathroom.  Turn the lights up to complete tasks, or to wake yourself up a little in the morning, and turn the brightness down when you want to use your bathroom to unwind.

Bathroom Lighting for Safety

Whatever form of bathroom lighting you choose, it goes without saying that your selection must provide enough light to keep you safe.  Being a wet area, it can naturally be dangerous, so it is important to ensure your bathroom is always well lit when moving in and out of, and around the space.

Extra Tips for Planning your Bathroom Lighting

  1. Make use of large mirror in your bathroom to help reflect light around the room and soften harsh surroundings.
  2. Use accent lighting to highlight design features in your bathroom. This will add a sense of glamour and grandeur to the space.
  3. Install some form of task lighting over the bathtub. This is a great place to relax and read a book!
  4. Use warm white colour temperatures to soften the surroundings, and help your bathroom feel less like a hospital.
  5. Consider installing a 3-in-1 bathroom unit with exhaust, light and heater. The overhead light is perfect for providing ambient light to your bathroom, while the exhaust goes to work to make sure your bathroom stays fresh.
  6. Just like your bathroom décor choices, select lighting that will stand the test of time.  Bathrooms can be expensive, and not something you want to be updating on a regular basis!

Get your bathroom lighting right, and it can be your workspace and your haven!  Rovert Lighting & Electrical carry a wide range of bathroom lighting options to suit every décor.  Chat to one of our lighting experts who can help you plan and select bathroom lighting to suit your needs and your style.

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