Benefits of Switching all your Downlights to LED

LED lighting technology has rapidly progressed over the last few years and is now coming of age. It has become a popular source of lighting source for homes and commercial spaces. These lights offer a stylish and efficient alternative to traditional halogen lights and can be installed both in homes and  commercial premises. If you’ve not considered switching your downlights to LED yet, here are a few reasons or benefits to do so.

Benefits of Switching all your Downlights to LED - Downlights

What are LED Downlights?

LED downlights are spotlights that are installed recessed into the ceiling so that only the circular portion emitting the light is displayed. This provides a bright light that covers a lot of area. These lights look more stylish than the traditional downlights that sometimes seem intrusive in some settings. The style quotient of LED downlights comes from the ample choice of bezels surrounding the light; from brushed aluminium to brass to black or white ceramic, the list goes on. That is why these lights fit and match almost any room’s decor.

LED downlights, just like any LED system, have a long life, are energy efficient, and in some cases offer the ability to tune the colour or the colour temperature of the light.

Benefits of Switching to LED Downlights

Long Life and Low Maintenance Cost

It is now common knowledge that LED downlights have a longer lifespan. But how long? Consider that a typical LED downlight is rated for a lifespan of 50,000 hours (yes, you read that right). That is 50 times more than incandescent bulbs that are rated for 1,000 hours maximum. So, it is safe to assume that even in places where the usage of these lights is high, the lights will run for 15 plus years. Add to that extremely low maintenance required to run them and you can be sure that you would not need to change your LED downlights for a really long time once installed.

Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons LED downlights are gaining prominence is that they are energy efficient and contribute to savings and a cleaner environment. We all want to save money wherever possible. Energy is costly and getting costlier by the day. Saving energy leads to lower costs and these savings can be even more significant for businesses. These lights work in such a way that more energy gets converted into light rather than heat. Several comparative studies have shown that LED downlights can save up to 85% energy compared to conventional incandescent lights and use about 50% less electricity than other sources of light. This can translate into savings worth thousands of dollars over the years if you use LED downlights.

Environment Friendly

When less energy is used, the load on the environment also reduces. At a time when there is growing awareness about reducing our carbon footprint, innovative ways to use less energy are being encouraged both by the governments as well as civil groups. LED downlights produce significantly less carbon emissions due to using less energy. They also reduce your contribution to landfills because the LEDs are discarded less. Besides, these bulbs are recyclable and one LED bulb can save the production and energy of 25 equivalent traditional bulbs. Finally, LED bulbs do not have any mercury in them and so they are less of a health hazard in the case of breakages.

Benefits of Switching all your Downlights to LED - Downlights

Stylish and Flexible Use

LED downlights are one of the most versatile and flexible design solutions available today. They fit into any design or space, home or office, hotels or large buildings and still look elegant and beautiful. You can use them for general lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. They can be brightened, dimmed, and installed in various beam angles and positions. LED lights can be bought in different colour temperatures like white light for a cooler and brighter light or warm light for comfortable cosy ambience. You can customise LED downlights with advanced lighting controls, fixtures and retrofits.

There is a reason why LED downlights are becoming the order of the day when it comes to lighting your home or office space. It is the technology of the future and one you should be utilising. Browse through our range of LED lights and contact us if you have any questions. We’ll be glad to assist you with your queries.