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Top 5 Lighting Trends you can Expect to see in 2024

Like any trend, lighting design evolves over time to offer new styles, to recreate old styles, and to embrace new lighting technology.

Be inspired with our top 5 lighting trends that are set to shine in 2024.

Minimalist Design

Minimalist design will always have a place in lighting trends due to it’s ability to compliment almost any interior style or décor, and to do it subtly and effortlessly.

Simple forms, clean lines and neutral colour tones will prevail, and these will be guided by the desire to see lighting blend into spaces, all while maintaining a modern feel.

The popularity of minimalist design is in it’s ability to “hide” in spaces, to be unobtrusive, and blend with almost any décor choice.  Think strip lighting, spotlights, or even surface mounted downlights that all offer an unobtrusive, yet contemporary, lighting design.

Lighting Trends 2024 - Strip lighting a great example of minimalist design

Pendant lighting design will also show a trend toward minimalism, with a focus, again, on understated style, clean lines and a more subdued aesthetic.

And, it won’t only be about neutral tones, we will see splashes of colour added to minimalist design, such as gold or copper added to classic black or white to produce a very contemporary, yet clean, style.

Lighting Trends 2024 - Minimalist pendant lights with splash of colour

Architectural or Accent Lighting

Modern lighting designs so often act as a decorative element within a space.  Think statement pendant lighting, or even chandeliers.  In 2024, we expect to see a shift away from statement pieces, and a focus on accent lighting that is designed to highlight elements within a space, to highlight the decorative features of a space, rather than act as the decorative piece.

Simple wall lighting is a great example.  Wall mounted spotlights, for instance, can be used to highlight architectural features within your home, or to highlight specific design choices, such as a piece of art.  Wall lights are also a great option for splashing light across walls to create unique arrays and shadows.

As lighting trends, accent lighting is also a great option to help create that warm, ambient and inviting feel in spaces.  It’s a backsplash of light that can help us feel snug in a space!  And, conversely, it can act to fill spaces, to make that unused corner, for instance, a light filled space.

Lighting Trends 2024 - Wall lights splash light and create warmth

Eco-Friendly Lighting

Sustainability in lighting is not new, and only going to continue growing traction, so can’t be left off any expected lighting trend anytime soon.

Energy efficiency has driven LED lighting to the heights of design, and this is only going to continue as the technology evolves.  LED lighting has provided us with designs that, 10, 20, 30 years ago we couldn’t have dreamt of … light that curves, light that doesn’t require a traditional light globe, and light where we get to choose the colour temperature to suit our own preferences.

With that, lighting designers are increasingly incorporating sustainable elements into the build of lights to offer complete eco-friendly lighting options.  Think natural elements like timber, bamboo, or even recycled glass.   

Sustainable illumination is something we expect to hear more about in 2024 and beyond.

Nostalgic Lighting Designs

Or as we more commonly refer to them, retro lighting designs, and they’re making a comeback in 2024 with a modern twist!

We expect to see some vintage-inspired pieces and classic designs blending with modern functionalities.  Think vintage lamps with modern shades, chandeliers with curved LED light panels, and classic picture lights using modern LED technology.

There will also be a trending toward mixing styles and genres within a space to create warmth and homeliness, and to move away from that showroom feel where everything is perfectly matched.  So, we are expecting to see some classic designs and retro styles coming back in all their glory!

Within that, one particular trend that seems to be making a comeback is chrome.  Chrome is one of those materials that comes and goes, and this year, chrome is set to make a comeback in the retro style arena. Some of our favourites in chrome.

Lighting Trends and Lamps

Lamps remain a timeless choice, but in 2024, where budgets are a little tighter, we expect to see lamps becoming an increasingly popular lighting choice.  Floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, whatever the use for your lamp, they offer the perfect DIY lighting solution, and so, are an inexpensive lighting choice that can change the landscape of your décor dramatically and easily.

Incorporating other design trends is also easily done with lamps.  Go minimalist and add simple lamp designs in neutral colour tones, or go retro and add classic lamp styles that will help mix the old and the new in your spaces.

The other obvious factor that always makes lamps a popular design choice … you can change them out as often as you like, without it having to cost you the earth.  Or, you can move them to a different space within a room, or even a whole new room, to instantly create a new feel in spaces.  The versatility, and cost effective nature of lamps, makes them an ever popular design choice.

Lighting Trends 2024 - Update any space with the addition of a lamp

Similar to fashion, lighting trends change and evolve each year.  Whatever your lighting choices for 2024, we hope this has helped bring a little inspiration!  If you would like some expert advice on lighting your home, Rovert Lighting & Electrical can help.  With a large range of stockists, you are sure to find the perfect lighting for your home!

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