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Benefits of Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is now a staple element in almost all modern homes. Pendant lights are functional pieces in your personal space that illuminate the area to the intensity you want, creating an ambience that is uniquely for you.

Many homeowners choose pendant lighting over other types of lighting for many reasons. Apart from its benefits, there is a wide range of styles and designs to choose from. As such, you can specially select the pendant lighting that best suits your space.

What are the Pendant Lights?

What are the Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are any light fixtures that suspend from the ceiling. They come in a wide range of sizes, materials, and designs. Just like pendants that hang from a necklace, pendant lights add a certain aura of simplicity and elegance to any space. Pendant lights are, in a sense, brilliant pieces of jewellery you can adorn your indoor spaces with.

With their shared elegance, pendant lights can be mistaken for chandeliers. They are, after all, both decorated masterpieces of lighting suspended from the ceiling. However, chandeliers distinctively have multiple branches and lamps. Chandeliers also have more sophisticated designs and are therefore more fitting in hallways and lobbies of important places with high ceilings. Pendant lights, on the other hand, are more practical to use, while maintaining their elegance.

Advantages of Using Pendant Lights

Advantages of Using Pendant Lights

Pendant lights have truly revolutionised the modern lighting industry. They have become a common choice for their many advantages. Here are nine benefits you can get from switching to pendant lights.

Easy to customise based on your liking

Pendant lighting is highly adaptable

Pendant lighting is highly adaptable. You can purchase it straight from the store, and customise it depending on the needs of your home by adjusting the suspension, or how high it is hung. This feature is quite important because there are now interior design rules to consider, such as the light’s proportion compared to its distance from the walls. You can also choose to replace the light bulb to create the ambiance you wish to radiate.

Easy to install; no need to damage your ceiling

Easy to install

Installing pendant lights or replacing the current centre light in your space is one of the easiest DIY makeovers you can do to your home or office space. They are quick to install, and you can even do it yourself with some great D.I.Y. pendant designs that fit straight over your existing batten fixture. Pendant lights are also one of the go-to fixtures and furniture if you are renting the space and cannot make major changes on the ceiling. Even if you choose to move, you can easily take down the pendant light and take it with you.

Cover light where they are needed

cover lights

With their suspension style feature, pendant lights are one of the best ways to illuminate more space. They also often have a dome shape, which allows the lighting to be more focused on where it is needed the most.

Reduces glare and eye strains

Reduces glare and eye strains

As mentioned above, pendant lighting, unlike other sources of lighting, is often focused on a single spot. This way, excess, diffused lighting would not cause glares and eye strains. This unique feature of pendant lights also makes them popular in school, offices, and reading areas. In particular, they are highly recommended in your study area, work office, and even over your kitchen.

Energy-efficient and cost-friendly way to spice up your space

Energy-efficient and cost-friendly

Pendant lights also feature the latest technology. Most designs can now use LED lights and have other modern features that are energy-efficient, which can also help you save a lot of money on electricity. This means that it is smart to switch to newer pendant lights especially if you use them frequently.

A space-saving and reliable light source for all sorts of places

space-saving and reliable light source

Table lamps were a popular choice if you needed concentrated lighting. However, they can take up a huge chunk of your workspace. Luckily, the revolutionary pendant lights are also known for their concentrated lighting, while keeping your workspace free of additional clutter. Now, you can work on your office table and read a recipe in your kitchen with more space for your things.

Classy yet affordable

Classy yet affordable

Pendant lights look elegant and may seem expensive. But the truth is, these are actually affordable especially if you know the right and reliable place to get them. It is a cost-friendly and decorative way to upgrade your space. These can match any look you are going for because pendant lights have different styles, whether classic, contemporary, retro, or modern. Any stylish look you are going for, you can surely find a light that matches and complements the rest of your space.

Accentuates the ambiance

Accentuates the ambiance

Pendant lights invite the perfect ambiance to a modern Australian home and indoor spaces. They are not as extravagant as chandeliers, nor as drab as an ordinary ceiling lamp. They instead hit that sweet spot between simplicity and brilliance. They certainly highlight and illuminate important aspects of your space. It’s like letting your room wear magnificent jewellery!

Perfect for any indoor environments

Perfect for any indoor environments

With the abovementioned benefits, it is no doubt that pendant lights are popular in all sorts of places. You can use pendant lighting for all sorts of indoor space:

  • For living rooms, kitchens, dining area
  • For storefronts
  • For restaurants and cafes
  • For clubs and bars
  • For libraries, schools, and working spaces

Interested in adding pendant lights in your home? Check out the range at Rovert Lighting & Electrical

With more than half a century in the lighting industry, we have sufficient expertise and knowledge about pendant lights. We at Rovert Lighting & Electrical are experts in the latest trends in pendant lights!  Choose the perfect pendant light for your space here or visit us at our Broadmeadow lighting showroom.

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