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Use Lighting to Evoke Calm in your Space

Lighting can be more than just a tool to help illuminate a space.  It can create a sense of feeling within a room, and with modern life as it is, lighting can play an important role in helping to make our homes a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Designers, and even psychologists, have long spoken about the effects of our physical surroundings on our mood, suggesting things like colour, shape, design and balance within a space all have an impact on our mood.

It makes sense then that lighting can also help to set a tone.  Lighting can be used to help us wake up in the morning, it can help us to focus on tasks through the day, it can help us wind down at the end of the day, and it can help evoke a sense of calm in your home.

What are some of the ways you can use lighting to evoke calm in your home?

1. Indirect Light
Lighting design has come a long way, and there are many options available for you to get creative with your lighting scheme.

For instance, consider installing light fittings that will provide an indirect light, such as track lighting that will let you swivel the light away from the space and bounce it off your walls and ceiling.

Track lighting will help bounce light around a space

Alternatively, you might choose an open fitting that produces shadow lines and patterns within your space.
Or, you may simply opt to use a shaded light fitting that will diffuse light.

2. Warm Light
The colour of light is an important consideration in creating that sense of calm within your space.
While there is a whole spectrum of light colour, light is most typically described as warm white or cool white. Cool white globes emit a bright, bluish light and are generally used in areas where you need to stay alert, such as work spaces, kitchens, and commercial spaces.

Warm white globes, on the other hand, as their name suggests, emit a warm glow that aid in providing that cosy atmosphere. Warm white globes are typically used in spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms where you want to evoke that sense of calm and relaxation.

Warm white light helps create a sense of calm

3. Switch the Lights Off
Not all of them, but certainly the main lights you use to light whole spaces within your home.
Consider dotting table or standing lamps, or installing wall sconces, around your home that can be left on to provide a background glow of light.

4. Variable Light
Consider some of the many options available in dimmable or step dimmable lighting.
Dimmable lighting allows you to adjust the output of light as necessary.

Additionally, there are options to install tri-colour light fittings that allow you to select the colour temperature of the light as required, and a lot of these can be changed at the flick of a switch or touch of a button. For instance, you might select cool white for daytime or task lighting, and switch this to warm white as you wind down at the end of the day.

5. Go Old School
Candles are a great way of producing a calming light in your home. You might even consider scented candles with scents such as lavender that have proven calming effects.

Alternatively, change the look of your lighting with vintage globes. There are some great options in LED globes that achieve that soft look of glowing filament evoking that old school comfort and charm.

LED filament globes reflect old world lighting styles

There are many options using lighting to evoke calm in your home.

Feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable staff at Rovert Lighting &Electrical to discuss options for making changes to your space that will help turn it into that blissful sanctuary!

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