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Benefits of Downlights

Want to enhance visibility in an area of your home? Love to set the mood in your living spaces? Looking to highlight the best features of your interior design? Modern Downlights may be the answer!

What are Modern Downlights?

modern downlights

These lights are recessed into the ceiling and produce a focused bright beam. Newest technology globes are designed to be long-lasting, durable and energy-efficient. Can be dimmable, which means you can easily adjust the level of brightness. Can be installed in poorly lit areas.


Task Lighting

Due to their practical design Downlights don’t take up a lot of space. Modern Downlights can be used as practical task lights in those home areas where you need clear bright light. They can be installed in poorly lit areas, such as inside a wardrobe in the bedroom, or under benches and cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Choose fixed or adjustable downlights to suit any purpose.

Mood Lighting

As many modern downlights are dimmable, you can easily adjust the level of brightness they produce. This enables them to serve as gorgeous ambient lighting to set the mood in any room. Both fixed and adjustable downlights would be suitable here.


Modern Downlights are extremely popular due to their low power consumption.

Modern Downlights or LED downlights consume less electricity yet at the same time produce quality clear light, when compared with other types of bulbs, such as halogen and incandescent. This is due to their ability to convert energy into light, thus consuming less heat and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Modern Downlights last longer

Instead of changing bulbs every couple of months, newest technology bulbs can last for years, thus providing relief for people who need to change bulbs in high places. In addition, it costs less over time when people select lights that don’t need to be replaced all the time. Saving energy helps reduce the cost of utility bills.

Where to use Downlights?

Living Areas – Open plan or designated spaces.

where to use downlights

Modern Downlights provide flexible options in living spaces, whether open-plan or multiple rooms. They can remove unsightly imperfections in the ceiling, especially an issue in older, renovated homes. They can provide an excellent lighting choice for low ceilings, creating a desirable look, owing to their ability to be flush against the ceiling surface and minimalist looks. Downlights reduce the chances of tall people hitting their head with low hanging light fittings.

Modern downlights provide flexibility in partly lighting a room. Used as task lighting in specific areas including over island workbenches in kitchens, lighting high traffic areas including narrow hallways or entrances downlights provide excellent lighting to provide safety to people.

Stylish design often requires providing a focus and recessed downlights are perfect for highlighting these things. Whether it be an expensive piece of Art or family photos. Rather than being positioned in dark hallways or obscured by harsh light reflecting off glass, downlights allow these to be shown under soft, focused illumination. Bookshelves and focal pieces of furniture also benefit from the simple spotlighting that downlights provide – one that highlights their natural features.

downlights for overall lighting plans

Downlights can be used as part of an overall lighting plan, combined with pendant lighting and lamps to create a complete, unique and stunning design moment in each space.

Combining downlights with a dimmer provides the ability to adjust lighting to the occasion. In a dining area, full illumination caters to a large noisy gathering, while adjusting the dimmer control turns the area into a romantic setting for two.


The ability and luxury to turn lights on and off remotely is extremely appealing to homeowners, with wireless features allowing control from the comfort of the sofa.



downlights in bedroom

Lighting a bedroom is a very personal affair, whether you choose to go for a cosy effect, or clean, minimalist effect or the hundreds of other styles out there is limited by only your imagination and personal taste. As your most private space within your home, your bedroom should feel cosy, calming and restful, so it’s important not to over-light this space.

Alternatively, task lighting is essential for make-up application or reading, so consider layering your lighting to meet all of these needs. Positioning downlights across the front closet doors, creates a soft ambiance for the bedroom, while also providing an instant and direct source of light when searching for that perfect outfit. Installing a dimmer control to the downlights, will allow you to adjust the light based on the time of day and the tasks you’re performing.


downlights in bathroom area

As a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, a bathroom can be a serene space within a busy home. Whether you choose to enjoy a bubble bath or a hot shower, the atmosphere in the bathroom sets the scene, and harsh light would be counter-productive to your goal of Tranquillity. Downlights can be installed in clusters and controlled separately for different lighting effects.

Positioning angled lights above a deep bathtub, draws the focus without drowning out the room, allowing showering to take place without harsh lighting. In the shower, housing soaps and lotions in recessed shelves, individually lit by downlights will create a subtle spread of light adding to the relaxed atmosphere.

Modern Downlights have become the go-to choice among homeowners, particularly in Australia’s newest open plan homes.

Downlights - beautiful and practical lightingDownlights - beautiful and practical lighting

Beautiful but practical lighting is an important element of a stylish but functional interior design scheme. It enhances visibility in any area of the home but can also set the mood and highlight the best features of your interior design.

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