Sensor Lights – What are the Benefits?

We all know the struggle.. you arrive home, arms loaded with groceries and can’t open your front door because you can’t see which key is which, and where the key-hole is! That’s where sensor lights come in handy, lighting the entrance to your home, pathway or garden.

Sensor lights are designed to automatically turn on as soon as they detect motion in their range, and then turn off again when there is no longer any movement.

The convenience of not having to find a hand to switch on a light in the dark is the obvious benefit to sensor lights, however, there are some benefits to installing sensor lights to your home.

Safety & Security

Sensor lights help to play a vital role in your home security, discouraging intruders from getting close to your property, as well as providing a sense of safety and welcome as they enter your home.

Additionally, the use of sensor lights also aids guests in providing a safe entrance into your home, free of obstructions and trip-hazards such as garden beds.

Sensor Lights - What are the Benefits? -

Energy Efficiency

As they only turn on when motion is detected, these are effective in saving energy. Additionally, the use of LED lights helps to save energy.

Lighting Accessability

Sensor lights are great for areas where installing switches makes using the lights less user-friendly, such as outdoor areas like your backyard deck or garage.

Sensor Lights - What are the Benefits? -


Sensor lights used to be synonymous, with things like flood lights. In more recent times however sensor lights have become a design element in themselves, allowing them to be a feature of the entrance to your home.