Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the perfect way to add a statement to your room.  Not only do they provide illumination to your space, they can act as a piece of art, all at the flick of a switch!

Hanging your pendant lights correctly, however, is crucial.  Pendant lights hung at the wrong height can quickly turn your pendant into a statement for all the wrong reasons!

The height you hang your pendant lights will be determined by two factors – your ceiling height and what furniture, if any, sits beneath your light.

Following are a few classic uses of pendant lighting, and a guide to their ideal height considerations.

  • Bedside pendants – these should be hung at the height equivalent that the shade or globe on a bedside lamp would sit, usually around 1.2m from the floor.  This allows maximum light diffusion for task specific illumination, while still allowing room below the bottom of the pendant for placing things on your bedside table.
  • Pendants above a kitchen bench – the pendant shade should usually sit around 1.2m above the kitchen benchtop.
  • Pendants above a dining table – the pendant shade should usually sit between 80-95cm above the dining table.  This can be variable to ensure line of sight is not obstructed if you opt for a larger pendant.
  • Pendants hung in a stairwell – the pendant shade should sit at least 2.1-2.4m above the stairs to allow plenty of height for walking underneath your fittings.
  • Bathroom pendant lights – pendants hung in the bathroom can be simply a design feature, however, if you are needing the practicality of illumination in this space, then hanging your pendants at eye level will be important.

Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights - Pendant Lights

While these tips are a great guide to hanging pendant lights, your final test should always be to stand back and check!  The above guide is just that, adjustments will always need to be made to compensate for ceiling heights, furniture placement and room size and layout.  That, and ensuring your electrician is on top of safe and compliant placement!

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