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Inspiring Ideas for Pendant Lighting in Dining Rooms

Pendant lighting in dining rooms … it can make an amazing statement, fulfill an important function, and add an element of warmth and coziness to your dinner party.  It is also easy to get the selection really wrong!

Pendant lights are great for creating a point of interest or drawing your attention to a focal point, by being deliberately placed in order to enhance the design or change the mood of a space.

For this reason, pendant lights are very often installed over the dining table, whether it is located in a separate dining room or in a large dining area combined with kitchen.

Pendant lighting in dining rooms creates cozy atmosphere

In a layered lighting scheme, there are four different types of lighting: task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting, all of which can be well utilised in a dining area.

A benefit of pendants is that they can fit in any space, since they come in sizes both big and small, and they can fulfill multiple functions within a layered lighting scheme.  Part of their versatility is that there are styles, designs, sizes, textures and colours of pendant light to fit any taste.

What is a pendant light?

Pendant lights are among the most popular and most widely-varied styles of lighting. They’re also broadly defined, so many lights can fit under the pendant umbrella.

By definition, the word pendant refers to any hanging lighting fixture that is mounted on a chain, stem, cable or wire. Because the definition is so broad, there are a lot of different, and different-looking, light fixtures that are called pendant lights.

The most basic ones have a single light bulb mounted base up, inside a globe or under an open shade or open reflector. But lanterns, fixtures that take bulbs mounted base down — such as chandeliers — and many of the different heads available for track lights are also part of the family.

One of the valuable things about pendant lighting in dining rooms is that it brings the light down from the ceiling and puts it closer to your table.

Pendant Lighting in Dining Rooms for Task Lighting

The most popular use of pendants in the dining room is over the table as task lighting.

Dining room pendant lighting is a wonderful way to properly illuminate the table and add a touch of astonishing elegance to the whole area. Dining room pendant lighting may consist of several light fixtures in a row where the table is long.

Pendant Lighting in dining rooms for task lighting

Pendant Lighting in Dining Rooms for Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is more about creating a warm and welcoming feel in a room. The dining room is the perfect space for ambient lighting where you can create a relaxed cozy mood. 

It is also the one place where it is, however, important to consider the functionality of any pendant light you select to ensure you are able to complete the task of eating a meal.  Setting the mood is great, but not if you can’t see what you are eating!

Pendant Lighting in Dining Rooms for Ambient Lighting

Pendant Lighting in Dining Rooms for Accent Lighting

Accent lights, such as track lights, highlight features in a dining room such as beautiful detailing or artwork.  There are many ranges of track lighting that you can purchase in suspended, or pendant, form.  They are also a great form of task lighting in a dining room as a lot can be on swivel heads that allow you to light specific areas as needed.

Inspiring Ideas for Pendant Lighting in Dining Rooms - Pendant Lighting in Dining Rooms

Pendant Lighting in Dining Rooms as Decorative Lighting

Nothing represents the decorative nature of lighting like gorgeous pendant lighting in dining rooms.  Decorative lighting might be something like a chandelier or a beautifully designed pendant that adds character and pizzazz to the space.

The dining room is one space in your home where, if you have the basic functionality covered, you can go a little overboard and make a real statement with your lighting.  With so many styles and variations of pendant lights to choose from, it is hard to find something that won’t add a little flair to your space.

In a dining space where the pendant will be a central feature, you can be adventurous and have a bit of fun by creating a real “wow” factor.

Make a statement with pendant lighting in dining rooms

Positioning Pendant Lighting in your Dining Room

Generally, pendant light fittings are placed directly above the dining table, as a central singular fitting (when a round or square table) or a row lights when the table is long and rectangular.  A good guideline is to use the “Rule of Three”.  To the human eye, the most balanced configuration appears to be an odd number.

Sometimes intuition can act as the best guide and a hunch can help to be determined by a creating a sketch that is roughly to scale to see if your vision can work.  Or, take your room dimensions and table measurements to a lighting expert who can help you determine the best size, configuration and placement of your pendant lights.

Position Pendant lighting in dining rooms centrally

How Bright Should Pendant Lighting be in Dining Rooms?

Before purchasing your pendant lighting, you must consider the brightness you need to get out of the light itself. This will depend on several factors including purpose of the light. Are you using the pendant as task lighting, ambient, accent or decorative purposes only? What other light sources are in the room?

Remember your dining room serves a purpose, so whatever form of lighting you choose, and the brightness of that lighting, needs to be task efficient, and be able to create a mood.

Pendant lighting with the capacity to dim is a great option for dining rooms as it allows you to set the brightness according to need.

Hanging a pendant light above your dining table is an instant winner!  A pendant light is perfect for creating a focal point, for making a statement, and for helping to anchor the space.

Rovert Lighting & Electrical have a wide range of pendant lighting.  Chat to us about your dining space, and let us help you find your perfect statement piece!

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