D.I.Y. Batten Fix Light Fittings

D.I.Y. batten fix light fittings are a quick and easy way to upgrade or change the look of your space.  As they do not involve wiring, and fit straight over your existing batten fixture, installation is easy.

So what is a batten fixture?  A batten fix is a common light fitting that is simply a single lamp holder connected or wired to the ceiling or wall. A batten fixture will hold a globe, or can be covered by a batten fix light fitting.

To install a D.I.Y. batten fix light fitting simply remove the skirt on the batten fix (this usually unscrews), slide the metal ware of your fitting over the exposed batten fix, and replace the skirt.

Batten fix light fittings are a great decorating solution for renters – you can change the décor and look of your home without having to make costly, and possibly unauthorised, changes to the electrical of the home.  Even better, you can take these with you when you move.

D.I.Y. Batten Fix Light Fittings -

Batten fix light fittings can be great even if you own your home, as you can change the style of fittings without the additional electrical costs.  Change your style as trends change or as your tastes change.

Batten fix light fittings do not have to be limited to flush ceiling fittings.  There are also options for hanging kits that will allow you to hang pendant lights from your batten fix.  Alternatively, you might cover your bare batten fix with a batten fix cover and then add a filament globe to make a simple elegant statement.

D.I.Y. Batten Fix Light Fittings -

D.I.Y. batten fix light fittings are an easy and affordable way to keep on trend, to replace bare lamp holders or old fashioned fittings, or simply to change things up when it comes to your own style and décor.

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Remember, always check with your electrician before doing anything if you are unsure about the type of electrical fixtures you have in your home.