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The Perfect Party Lighting

Great Lighting for any party

Are you planning a party to bring in 2020?

So, your guest have RSVP’d that they are coming, the food is prepared, music playlist sorted, now all you have to do is decorate and make sure you have the perfect party lighting set up and ready to dance the night away!

Whether, it’s a New Year’s Eve party, birthday, wedding or just for fun here are some great ideas to make your party shine bright.

  1. Candles or Lanterns – The use of candles can be an extremely cost effective way of adding an extra layer to your lighting plan, small LED lanterns will be a great light source and without the hassle of a naked flame blowing out.  Hang lanterns from trees to create a visually appealing arrangement.

The Perfect Party Lighting - Party Lighting

  1. Which lights to turn off – Most rooms will not require the main central light to be on, if you put into place some of the other fun options, it can help to create a layered, inviting atmosphere. Overhead lights cause shadows. Unless it’s a Halloween party, this isn’t the best option when there are a lot of people in a space. Perhaps add an extra lamp or two to help provide light at eye level and to promote a soft warming glow, to what could be a quiet room for people who may want to have a peaceful moment or a private conversation.
  1. Install dimmers – Installing dimmer switches on lamps is a perfect idea, which allows you to control the amount of light and gives you the option of increasing the level of light required as the evening progresses.
  1. Use Low wattage bulbs – If installing dimmer switches isn’t for you, then replace the current bulbs in your lamps and light fixtures with low voltage options.
  1. In Summer, install fansParties are great when you can keep them outside, in Summer this is not always the best option, comfort wise for your guests. But if you have an undercover area then the perfect solution for you is to install a ceiling fan. This is an item you will be sure to use all summer long so the investment will be well worth it.  Fans are available in white, black and timber styles, and come in a range of different sizes, to cover large and small areas. If your budget is a concern for you then perhaps think about purchasing it through Afterpay, which can help to spread the cost, remember to hire an qualified electrician  to install as per the manufacturers guidelines. 
  1. Flexible LED Rope – Add some colour with flexible rope lighting to light the path edges so people can easily see where they are going. Rope lighting is made from plastic tubing with LED lights inside. It is usually available in 10m lengths, and can also be solar powered, making them easy to install and great on the power bills. With good exposure to the sun they can usually provide up to 6 hours of illumination once the sun goes down. Rope lighting can also be controlled via a remote and have varied functions on how the lights will display. This style of lighting reminds most of us of the Festive Season and Brings to mind many wonderful Christmas memories.

The Perfect Party Lighting - Party Lighting

  1. String Lighting – Clear filament string lamps are perfect for creating a relaxing and calming mood, and instantly add charm and a romantic feel to any space, whether inside or out. The 10m string can easily be added to by simply unscrewing one end and attaching another end, up 3 x 10m lengths can be added together, to cover larger areas.   String lanterns are also perfect in not only hanging over, but down the walls too, helping to create a visual attraction, some colour and personality to you space.

The Perfect Party Lighting - Party Lighting

The Perfect Party Lighting - Party Lighting

  1. Table-Top Disco Ball – These are great for parties. Some of us may even remember these form the Seventies and Eighties. These are compact in size and covered in colourful lenses, that reflect dazzling displays around the room as the ball rotates. They can be easily placed in any space that has a power source and are perfect for creating an awesome dance area.

The Perfect Party Lighting - Party Lighting

  1. Neon Lights – Bring a sense of fun and Las Vegas to your party or special occasion with a fun and quirky neon light. They are available in a wide range of designs, to suit any theme or event and are often battery-operated lamps.

The Perfect Party Lighting - Party Lighting

Rovert Lighting & Electrical have a wide range of lighting options, to suit your home and outdoor requirements and spaces, speak with one of our advisors today to start planning the lighting design for your home or special occasion.

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