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Touch Lamps -

Illuminate Your room at a touch

Touch lamps can be used anywhere in your home, with often stylish design, touch lamps can be turned on by simply a touch of your finger! Touch lamps by running a current through a conductive metallic material in which you interrupt by transferring electrons from your hand to the conductor, this signals your lamp to turn on and similarly turn off.

Touch lamps are fantastic for bedsides or places where it may be hard to locate a switch. Touch lamps come in all shapes and sizes from classic, modern, slim and traditional styles.

Rovert are big fans of touch lamps due to their ability their convenience. Our local team are experts in all things lighting and would be happy to recommend to you a touch lamp that will suit your particular need.

Touch Lamps -

Touch Lamps in Newcastle

Here at Rovert we are experts in all things lighting. Are you tired of reaching around to find the switch to turn on your lamp? Why not try a touch activated lamp to get the job done! Rovert stock an array of touch activated lamps to suit your style and sensibility. Our affordable selection of lights are perfect for any home setting. Come into our store and check out our selection of touch lamps today. Contact us.

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