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Enhance your home with a Modern Chandelier

When it comes to home décor nothing can create a better statement than a chandelier. Whether you opt for something quite traditional, or go for a modern chandelier, they can capture the whole room.   Let’s have a look at a few of the things to consider when looking at adding a chandelier to your home.

What is a chandelier?

By definition, a chandelier is any large, decorative fitting that is suspended from the ceiling with branches for several light globes. This is different to a pendant light, which is characterised by a single light source.

In modern day terms, however, there is a great number of blurred lines between what is a chandelier and what is a pendant. In fact, the notion of chandeliers only being big and ornate has evolved to incorporate more contemporary styles and designs, and has created this sub category, if you will, of modern chandeliers.

With advances in LED technology, the contemporary style and design of modern chandeliers has only been enhanced, bringing us chandeliers with integrated light sources, and an array of unique shapes never before realised. The added bonus to LED chandeliers … the energy savings!

Choose an integrated LED modern chandelier for greater style, design and energy efficiency

How to choose the right modern chandelier for your home

If you are opting to make a statement, then a modern chandelier may be the right fit for you! While modern chandeliers may have lost their ornate feel, by definition, they are still a choice for creating impact, so there are a few things you will need to consider before selecting your chandelier.

If you are opting to make a statement, then a modern chandelier may be the right fit for you! While modern chandeliers may have lost their ornate feel, by definition, they are still a choice for creating impact, so there are a few things you will need to consider before selecting your chandelier.

  • As with any good lighting plan, ensure you have adequate lighting to cover your general lighting needs. A statement piece won’t always adequately light the surrounding areas to complete whatever tasks that space is allocated for.
  • Select one space in your home that you think would shine with the addition of a statement piece. Pare back the surrounding lighting to let that statement piece shine. For instance, if you have an open plan kitchen/dining/living area, and you are looking to hang a modern chandelier over your dining table, compliment it with simple lighting choices in your kitchen and living areas. Something like downlights is perfect for this.
      Select one space for your modern chandelier and let it shine
      • Measure the space in which you are looking to hang your chandelier, and then measure again! While it is OK to go a little over the top with a statement piece, you don’t want a chandelier that will overwhelm your space. Or, by the same token, be so small that it is underwhelming.
      • Select a style of chandelier that will either juxtapose or compliment your other décor. Think shape, lines, and decorative features, to name a few style considerations.
      • Consider the “brightness” of your chandelier’s light source. If you are looking at something more contemporary, with intergrated LED, this becomes a little easier. If you are looking at a more traditional style in the sense of multiple globes, then pay careful consideration to how much light is too much, and conversely, too little. This particularly can be the case when installing a modern chandelier in your dining room or living room, for instance, spaces where you want to provide intimate light. A good option is to select globes that have a capacity to dim.

      What to Consider when installing your modern chandelier

      Position of your modern chandelier

      While it is certainly not a hard and fast rule, most chandeliers are designed to take a central position in your room. Whether this is in the centre of your living room, or even bedroom, or centrally above your dining table.

      Position your modern chandelier centrally for greatest impact

      Another good rule to keep in mind when it comes to size and installation of your modern chandelier is the proportions of your furniture. For instance, if you are installing above your dining room table, then a chandelier that stays within the proportions of that table will deliver the best result to the eye. Avoid selecting a chandelier that will be larger in width than your table, for example.

        Installation height for your modern chandelier

        You can install a chandelier in any room of your house, but it is important ton make sure it is hung at the correct height, which will ultimately be determined by the height of your ceilings and the design you have chosen.

        • Pendant chandeliers for bench tops in the kitchen should be placed 70-82cm from the kitchen surface.
        • A chandelier in the hallway will create a warm and inviting feel to your home and ideally should be hung 2100-2400 above the floor.
        • Bedroom height should be around 40-55cm above a bedside table or 2100 above the floor level when placed in the centre of the room, or above a bed.

          At Rovert Lighting  & Electrical we have an amazing collection of chandeliers. Visit our showroom to see more and to chat with our knowledgeable staff on how we can assist you in finding the perfect modern chandelier for your home.  Or check out our range online at Rovert Lighting & Electrical Chandelier Range

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