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Ceiling Fan Basics – Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan for You

Ceiling fan basics … there are so many things to consider when choosing the right ceiling fan – colour, design, blade number, blade material, the list is large.  However, these are all the aesthetic decisions.  In making these, it’s important you don’t forget to cover the basics to ensure you are choosing the ceiling fan that, not only looks good, but is functional within your space.

Ceiling Fan Basics to Consider when Choosing Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Height

Under Australian standards, the minimum height from floor to the lowest part of the ceiling fan needs to be 2100mm.  Most Australian homes have a standard 2400mm ceiling height, so safe installation would apply to most, however, checking this before buying could save you a lot of time, effort and money down the track.

To Make Sure you are Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan Check Ceiling HEight

Room Size

When covering your ceiling fan basics, this should always be one of the first considerations to make sure you are choosing the right ceiling fan. To determine your room size, measure the length and width of your space in metres, and multiply these together to give you overall room dimensions in square metres.  For instance, if your room is 4m wide and 4m long, then your overall room size is 16sqm.

Most ceiling fan manufacturers will provide guides as to the most appropriate room sizes for their different ceiling fans, so you can determine which brands, designs and models are going to be most suitable for your space.

Remember, bigger is not always better when it comes to ceiling fan size.  A ceiling fan that is too large for your space, will not only overpower the room, it will quite literally, blow you away!  What this means is that the comfort you were looking for from your ceiling fan in terms of cooling and/or warmth, is overridden by the discomfort of a ceiling fan that is producing too much wind.

By the same token, if you choose a ceiling fan that is too small for your room, will be ineffective in providing any cooling or warming benefit, as it does not have the capacity to effectively circulate the air.

You also don’t have to be restricted to finding a ceiling fan that is the “perfect” size for your space.  Sometimes, rooms don’t fit the mould of standard design, and it might be more effective to divide your room into zones and install multiple ceiling fans.

Choosing the right ceiling fan may mean choosing multiple fans for large rooms

Other Considerations

Once you have the ceiling fan basics covered, there are other practical considerations for choosing the right ceiling fan, and it’s good to have a clear idea of these to take with you to your ceiling fan expert.  These include things like:

  • Price – what are you prepared to spend?
  • Lighting – will your ceiling fan need to be installed in place of an existing light fitting, and therefore, needs to also come with a light?
  • Do you need a remote control?

There are obviously many other factors to consider in choosing the ceiling fan that is right for your space, however, equipping yourself with the basic details will help your ceiling fan expert show you the ceiling fans that are going to be the most appropriate in terms of brands, designs and models.  Your ceiling fan expert is there to ensure the effectiveness of your ceiling fan, and allow you get to make the much more interesting aesthetic decisions , such as colour and style.

Rovert Lighting & Electrical have one of the biggest displays of ceiling fans in NSW in their showroom located in Broadmeadow, NSW.  Pop in, check out the display, and have a chat with one of our ceiling fan professionals, or give us a call and we can work through your ceiling fan needs over the phone.

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