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Cage Pendant Lights to Enhance your Space

What are cage pendant lights?

Cage pendant lights, by definition, feature an exposed globe surrounded by a structured cage.  They tend to have an inherently industrial feel, and this is no coincidence.  Cage lighting has it’s origin in building sites and industrial warehouses, where globes were enclosed within a metal cage to protect the globe from being broken.

Cage Pendant Lights to Enhance your Space - Cage Pendant Lights

In more recent times, there has been a shift away from that purely industrial feel toward softer designs that are equally at home in your living room as they are in the industrial space, and these innovations reflect everything we love about cage pendant lighting.

As their name suggests, cage pendant lights have a “cage” as their distinguishing feature.  Typically, this cage is constructed of metal, and staying true to their origin, quite often a black metal.  However, modern design has expanded on this to include things like timber cages, which bring a warm organic feel with them, to cages that have their ”spaces” enclosed with glass that are perfect for more contemporary decors.

Some of our favourite cage pendant lights include:

Cage Pendant Lights to Enhance your Space - Cage Pendant Lights

Cage pendant lights include an exposed lamp holder, which allows you to make stunning additions to your fitting with things like LED filament globes

Cage Pendant Lights to Enhance your Space - Cage Pendant Lights

Why install cage pendant lights?

The other benefit to the open design of a cage pendant light, is that they allow interaction between spaces, people and even, the outdoors.  This makes them perfect for installation above your kitchen bench, or even dining room table.

Cage pendant lights create a pretty amazing light show, throwing shadows onto surrounding walls and ceilings by bouncing light off and through the cage, adding an inviting warmth and ambience to your space.

Cage pendant light designs are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Anything from teardrop shapes, to cubes, or even spheres, there is a cage pendant light style and shape to suit your space.

Whatever your décor or design style, cage pendant lights can help enhance your space.  Visit us in-store or online, or give us a call if there is a specific cage pendant light design that we can help you source to suit your space.

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