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Good Reasons Why Should You Buy A Ceiling Fan Only From A Specialist

Benefits of buying a ceiling fan from an expert

Ceiling fans have become a common Australian household item, and as such, they can readily be bought from any hardware store, and many online sellers. The main disadvantage to not buying from a ceiling fan expert is that ceiling fans, like any electrical fixture, have to be installed by an electrician. So, if you change your mind, or find you haven’t made the right purchase, the mistake can be costly to rectify. So what are the advantages of buying from a ceiling fan specialist?

1. Experienced and knowledgeable staff

When you visit a specialist ceiling fan store, such as Rovert Lighting & Electrical, or most other lighting stores, you can be sure that the sales person will help you select the right fan for your needs. Every room or location in your house has specific needs and so selection of a fan for a living room should be different from a selection for your bedroom.

A ceiling fan specialist will take the time to ask the right questions before you invest in a fan. What is the size of the room, how high is the ceiling, is the ceiling pitched, the list of questions that can be addressed with an expert is long, however, with the right questions asked, you can be assured you are buying the right fan for your space.

    Benefits of Buying from a Ceiling Fan Specialist

    2. Large selection of models, brands and accessories

    A store that specialises in ceiling fans will generally have a wider range of products, and will most likely have a wide range on display that you can take for a test drive. By being able to view and test out a wide range of fans, you can purchase with a greater assurance that you have made the right choice for your home.

    By having a wider range to choose from, most specialist ceiling fan stores will also offer fans that fall into a range of budgets, giving you greater choice to find the fan that suits your needs, your style, and your budget.

    The same applies when it comes to ceiling fan accessories. With your spaces, certain accessories may be crucial, such as an extension rod to increase the length of the fan if the ceiling is quite high, ensuring the fan is appropriate if you have a pitched ceiling, or whether you may be better with a remote, or a light, option.

    Benefits of Buying from a Ceiling Fan Specialist

    3. Personalised after-sale service

    This is a no-brainer. They are called specialists for a reason. The amount of knowledge that goes into helping people choose the right fan in the first place also translates into better after-sale service. The availability of spare parts, accessories, and honouring the warranty are just some advantages of buying from a specialist.

    4. Competitive pricing

    Even though specialist stores excel in sales and service, they are extremely competitive in terms of pricing. There is often a misconception that specialty stores equal higher prices, but this is usually not the case for a number of good reasons.

    • Stores that specialise in ceiling fans will tend to have a greater stock turnover, and in turn, they will order more, and often get better pricing from their suppliers.
    • Specialist stores have strong relationships with their suppliers that will afford them special deals that you may or may not find at other retailers.
    • Specialist stores know their product, and know their competitors. This knowledge means they are always on top of pricing.
    • A specialist store like Rovert Lighting & Electrical will often price match other retailers, meaning you get the best on all fronts – price, range and expertise.

    Rovert Lighting & Electrical do in fact guarantee you will pay the best price for your ceiling fan! Check out our range and compare prices!

    Benefits of Buying from a Ceiling Fan Specialist

    Just like any other commodity, it always makes sense to buy your ceiling fan from a specialist store. You will get better return for your investment with access to bigger variety, ready availability of accessories and spares, prompt after-sale service, and fuss-free ownership.

    Give the ceiling fan specialists at Rovert Lighting & Electrical a go for your next fan purchase! In the meantime, you can download our ultimate guide to buying ceiling fans below. It’s everything you need to know to find the right ceiling fans for your home.

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