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6 Benefits of a 3-in-1 Bathroom Exhaust, Light and Heater

Is there really any benefit to having a 3-in-1 bathroom exhaust, light and heater? Absolutely, even in Australian homes! As it’s name suggests, a 3-in-1 unit performs he jobs of removing excess moisture, lighting your bathroom, and, as an added bonus, keeping you warm during the cooler months of the year.

Don’t take our word for it though, see below for the top 6 benefits you will get from installing a 3-in-1 bathroom unit in your home!

6 Benefits of a 3-in-1 Bathroom Unit

1. It can warm you up fast!

Most 3-in-1 bathroom units come with built-in infrared lamps, also aptly known as heat lamps, that are specifically designed to warm your bathroom fast. Switch on at the point and receive instant warmth.

3-in-1 bathroom units warm you fast

2. Most models now use energy efficient LED lighting

There was a time when your 3-in-1 bathroom unit would have been quite costly to run. With the introduction of LED technology into these units, however, you get a number of benefits, including:

  • Low energy consumption: LED lights, compared to other types of bulbs, consume much less electricity. In fact, LED lighting is found to use up to 70% less energy compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Durable: LED lights last for a much longer time compared to other types of bulbs. An average LED lamp can last for up to 50,000 hours, some even longer. Compare this with incandescent lights, which last for just 1,000 hours, and fluorescent lights which last 15,000 hours.
  • Release little heat: LED lights produce little heat compared to other bulbs, making them much safer from overheating incidents. It also makes it less likely to burn out.
3-in-1 bathroom units come with energy efficient LED lighting

3. It saves on space

It can help you save on space in what is typically already a small space. By it’s very design, it has the ability to provide three functions in one, and advances in technology used in these units also mean you can get slimline designs that meld into the current decor of the space.

3-in-1 bathroom units come in slimline designs

4. It helps maintain the integrity of your bathroom

Probably our most common “wet area” in the home, it also tends to be the space with the least amount of air circulation and natural light. The exhaust function of your 3-in1 bathroom unit is designed to efficiently remove moisture from your bathroom. Keeping your bathroom as free as possible from moisture has it’s own list of benefits.

  • It keeps your bathroom free of odours that can arise when moisture is allowed to reside.
  • It keeps your bathroom dry and fog free for that all important mirror work.
  • It helps to maintain the structural integrity and longevity of your bathroom by keeping moisture from infiltrating the structural bones of your bathroom.

5. It works well with a variety of bathroom styles

While not necessarily designed to be a statement feature in your bathroom, most models are now manufactured with design in mind. Like any piece of functional decor, you want it to seamlessly blend into your decor, and most 3-in-1 bathroom units now do this successfully.

6. It’s cost efficient

A good 3-in-1 bathroom unit doesn’t have to set you back a fortune. In fact, some of our best selling models will only cost you a few hundred dollars. But it’s not only the upfront costs, investment in a 3-in-1 bathroom unit with LED lighting can save you on energy bills, for instance. And, most importantly, it can save you on expensive bathroom renovations.

If you are still unsure of how your home would benefit from investment of a 3-in-1 bathroom unit, contact the friendly team at Rovert Lighting and Electrical. They can help you to find a unit that will suit your needs and your budget.

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