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8 Simple Ideas for your Deck Lighting

No matter what the season in Australia, we like to take advantage of our outdoor deck, and so the right deck lighting is important to ensure your home can really embrace that indoor/outdoor living. Here we explore some simple ideas that will help you to find the right deck lighting for your home.

Light up your steps

Placing lights on your steps or stairs is not only visually enhancing but it is also an added safety feature. Step lighting is designed for high traffic areas, and can be recessed into your step or deck, because of its slim line design.

Add safety to your deck lighting plan with step lights

    Use string lighting

    String lights can create a beautiful soft romantic glow over your deck. With many different styles to choose from, string lights can be the perfect solution to your deck lighting, particularly if your deck doesn’t have a roof. They are easy to install yourself and can be updated and changed quite easily. And, who doesn’t love the romantic glow and feel that a set of string lights can create!

    String lighting makes for easy DIY deck lighting

    Under counter lighting

    If you have a fixed BBQ or outdoor kitchen then under cabinet lighting could be a simple solution to your deck lighting. LED strip lights would be perfect for this. Many are available in DIY options, and are available in a huge selection of colours, some even with colour changing options. Be sure to position your under counter lighting downwards to get the best angle and to be the most visually appealing.

    Deck lighting that is recessed

    Step lighting is a great example of recessed lighting, but you can also use recessed lighting around the edges of your deck to create a practical, yet ambient light source. Use it to create a border around your deck, which also helps to maintain safety.

    Spotlight or task lighting

    Overhead lighting is great for a specific task. Placing a fixture above the outdoor kitchen, for instance, will ensure that ample light is provided for cooking. Spotlights are also great for directing light onto a wall, or illuminating a specific feature or wall decoration.


    Whether they are candle lit, solar or electrical, lanterns create a visual appeal while still providing a great source of deck lighting. They come in various styles, to suit any décor, are generally inexpensive, and are completely DIY. Best of all, they provide deck lighting that you can easily move around as needs require.

    Lanterns make for an inexpensive deck lighting option

    Ceiling fans with light

    If you have a roof over your deck then adding an outdoor ceiling fan is almost a must in Australia! Why a ceiling fan outdoors? Besides the obvious function of helping to provide cool air, ceiling fans are great at keeping the bugs away!

    To provide an overall general light on your deck, a ceiling fan with light is the perfect solution. And, there are a lot more options for outdoor ceiling fans than you may think! Check out some of our favourite options for outdoor ceiling fans.

    Outdoor heating

    Whilst we have Summer covered with a fan, if you are planning your lighting requirements perhaps this would be a good time think about a heater for Winter, so your deck can be enjoyed all year round.

    Our number one tip for your deck lighting? Have some fun with it, mix and match the type of lighting to create an outdoor space with a warm inviting feel, and one you will almost certainly want to be using all year round!

    If you would like to explore the options for deck lighting a little more before diving in, one of the lighting experts at Rovert Lighting and Electrical can certainly help you create a magical space of your outdoor deck with lighting.

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