What Lighting is best for Small Spaces?

What lighting is the best for small spaces

If you have a small room or space, creating the perfect lighting balance can really help to make the space feel bigger. We have put together some tips and ideas to help light up these areas of your home that are currently left in the dark.

Aim High

Adding a statement piece up high draws your attention upwards and creates a more open space. You may think that some fixtures might be too big but placing an oversize light in a smaller area tricks the eye into thinking that the space is larger, according to many interior design experts.  

The Office Nook or Reading Corner

With an office nook or reading corner, make sure you have the correct task lighting. Placing lighting overhead so you can clearly see the task in hand is a good place to start. The addition of a small pendant will add charm, style and provide light to the correct location.

The office Nook or Reading Corner


Small Entry and Hallways

Creating a wow factor in your entry and hallway can be easily achieved no matter how big or small. Add a pendant light, either on its own or as a small cluster.




For short hallways, once you have found the perfect centre piece, adding some additional wall lights along the hallway will draw the eyes down, and they won’t take up any floor space giving the illusion of a long hallway rather than a short one.

Powder Room

One area not to be forgotten is the powder room or vanity. There should always be an overhead light directly above the vanity so that there is enough lighting for makeup application and such.  To bring a softness to the area, perhaps a wall light or sconce would be a nice addition and a way of adding your own personal style into such a small area. There is always the alternative option which would be to add a mirror with a built-in light.

Powder room


Lighting Options

Wall Lights

Wall Lights are one of the best options for smaller spaces. They are available in a variety or designs and styles and do not take up much needed floor space.  Placed on either side of a bed or artwork or any feature, they will help to create a widening effect along a wall.

Wall Lights


Table Lamps

Table lamps are great fixtures that can be easily moved or changed to suit your decoration.  Lamp Shades: be careful when choosing a lampshade. Not only do they add partial style to your home, but the colour will also affect the amount of light. A lighter shade of colour will allow additional light to diffuse into the room, whereas a dark colour will do the opposite.

Table Lamps


Floor Lamps

Draw the eye up high with a floor lamp, again, these are available in a wide selection of styles for all decors. They are perfect for leaving the tables and furniture free for other uses. Adding height with floor lamps is a great idea, whether it be for small apartments or offices, where the space is small overall rather than just a certain room size. Floor lamps are very bright and replace the functionality of ceiling lights, though many models and makes will have a dimmable feature to set the mood for your room.

Floor Lamps


Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are perfect for adding your own design flair for task lighting, but make sure you pick the right style and size for your area. 

Pendant Lights


LED Strip Lighting & Track Lighting

Perfect for small areas LED Strip lighting provides ample lighting. Strip lighting can be placed under most cabinets, kitchen or bedroom, around the bedhead, and provides an additional layer to your lighting plans.  

Track Lighting is an alternative to pendant lighting, if ceiling height was a concern. You can angle the individual lights to the task at hand, or to an area of the room which might not have any other light source available.

Simple tips

  • Often in small spaces there can be plenty of wall area, take advantage of this and place wall lights, as well as a floor lamp, to add another level of lighting and comfort to your space.

  • Add a Mirror, this will help to open-up a space, and when placed across from windows it can help direct more sunlight into an area.

  • Dimmers – perfect for adding flexibility into your home or space, especially when limited room is available for lamps. You can change the level of light in the room with the dimmer switch as well as freeing up much needed areas.

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