Modern Pendant lighting for the Hallway and Stairs

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Welcome your guests to your home with a great first impression.

The entrance of your home is the first-place visitors arrive, and you want to make this a welcoming and warm inviting space. One of best options for this is the lighting, whether you are designing your hallway from scratch or you would just like to update your current space its important to think about how your lighting ideas will affect a space.

Modern Pendant lighting for the Hallway and Stairs - Pendant lighting

The Entrance and Hallway Lights

Once you step foot through the front door you want to create a sense of flow that ties in with your homes overall feeling and design.  Because a lot of hallways are narrow, this can present a couple of issues when thinking of lighting ideas. There is generally minimal floor space, so a lamp is probably not the best option. You also do not want to make the space feel smaller than what it is by cluttering with too many lights, with this said it still needs to be well lit. So, choosing a focal pendant can solve both issues.

If you have a large hallway it would be beneficial to create an impact by using a larger pendant light and the contemporary Midnight Pendant by Vencha is perfect for creating a statement in a large space, its sure to be a conversation starter with all your guests. This pendant is available in two sizes for those who prefer a smaller fixture or have a smaller space to fill but would still like to have an impact piece.

For longer hallways, creating an impact could be more about hanging an identical single pendant 2 of 3 times down the length of a hallway, this could also enhance the length of a hallway. The Pod LED pendant light in chrome with a glass finish can create a seamless and modern look. Remember to take note of any doors opening in to the hallway to avoid them opening into the light.

Quick Tips

  • Place lights every eight feet, at least. If you are using smaller lights with a lower wattage, consider placing these more frequently.
  • Draw the eye down the hallway by placing a light at either end
  • Stand at both sides of the hall and check for any dark spots, making sure the light is consistent the whole way along.
  • 2100-2400mmm above the floor depending on your ceiling heights works best for pendants in a hallway or entry.

Modern Pendant lighting for the Hallway and Stairs - Pendant lighting

How to effective light a stairway

A Pendant light is a must for every stairwell!!

Modern pendant lighting is a simple yet elegant way to enhance your stairways. Pendant lights are highly recommended when you have high ceilings as they can create an even more dramatic and cascading effect.

There are a couple of aspects to consider when putting together a lighting design for your stairs, are you going to be lighting from above, tread level or in the wall, each of these options will change the desired effect that you are looking to create. It is important to make sure the stairs are sufficiently lit.

If your staircase is open, then opting for a pendant from above can create the illusion of height in your ceiling and a focal point, when paired with an LED stair marker lights create the perfect amount of lighting but without taking away from the centre piece.

Staircase pendants look amazing when they are hung correctly, one of the main points to consider is the height of your celling and will there be plenty of room for a tall guest to walk underneath with out the need to duck.  If you have a spiral staircase or there is no need for your guest to walk underneath it, you may consider hanging the pendant multiple pendants in a cluster at eye level.

Quick Tips

  • Allow approx. 460-600mm of clearance between the bottom of the pendants and the head height of a tall person.
  • Remember don’t hang the lighting so high that it is out of eyes view.