Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Feel Warmer During Winter

With the Winter months well and truly upon us, we all spend a lot of time thinking about how to stay warm, and, most importantly, how to keep our homes emitting that feeling of warmth.

A really easy way to ensure your home remains that warm cosy haven during the cooler months is to adjust your lighting strategy, and we have some great tips to help you get the right lighting for the season!

Embrace the natural light

No matter the season, the first consideration in lighting a room should always be the availability of natural light. Instead of competing with natural light, use it as a cue to introduce other forms of lighting.
For instance, in the Winter months, when natural lighting levels are generally at their lowest, and shortest, don’t feel the need to wake up the room; instead, use this as a cue to bring in subtle lighting options. This might be through the use of scattered or layered lighting, for instance, such as teaming ceiling lights with floor or table lamps to layer a warm glow throughout the space. A darker space does not always need to be made as light as possible. By layering lighting options it also means you can tailor the light according to the natural light available at different times of the day, and even through different seasons.

Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Feel Warmer During Winter -

Use accent lighting

Accent lighting will focus light on a small area, or a corner, or a piece of artwork or furniture, for instance. This will give a sense of the space being warm and cosy with light, without formally “turning on the lights”. Floor lamps, table lamps, up/down lights and spotlights are great examples of the use of accent lighting.

Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Feel Warmer During Winter -

Change the globes

Globes emit their own colour temperature, indicated by the Kelvin. The higher the kelvin, the cooler the white, and conversely, the lower the kelvin, the warmer the white. As such, Winter is the perfect time to change out some of those globes for low colour temperatures to create that warm and cosy effect in your space.
Consider also switching some of your globes to LED filament globes, creating warmth by introducing some old world charm to your space.

Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Feel Warmer During Winter -

Use a dimmer

An easy way to lower lighting levels, and thus produce a feeling of warmth in your space, is to install dimming functions. The ability to dim your light gives you the best of both worlds – bright lighting when needed, and the ability to “turn this down” to create a space that feels warm and cosy.

Use wall sconces

Wall sconces offer a great way to produce a soft and intimate level of lighting, with light radiating softly behind a sconce. It also gives a nod back to the candle recesses housed on walls in ages past, adding to that sense of nostalgia and warmth.

Use strip lighting

Any light source that is hidden from direct sight will produce a sense of warmth on a space, even if that light source is a brighter white. Strip lighting that produces light from under benches or cabinets, or around key fittings and fixtures in your home, will provide a subtle light and enhance that feeling of warmth in your space.

Choose light fittings with shades

The use of lamp shades that diffuse light will have the effect of emitting a warm glow. Consider fittings that have globes hidden or “shaded”, or maybe even diffused in a way that emits shadow lines onto your walls and ceiling, which has the immediate impact of making a space feel cosier.

Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Feel Warmer During Winter -

Light your Entryway

Lighting the entrance to your home includes lighting your garden and your entryway. There are many great outdoor lighting options, for instance, that allow you to layer lighting in this area of your home too, creating that warm, welcoming feel.

Lighting Tips to Make Your Home Feel Warmer During Winter -

We all want to feel like our home is a cosy haven at the end of the day, and especially so, during the cooler months of the year. Rovert Lighting & Electrical have a range of lighting options to help your home feel warmer during Winter.