General Fan Maintenance

It’s important to switch off the fan completely before performing any maintenance. Below are more in depth ways to keep your ceiling fan looking good and lasting longer.

Changing Light Globes

It is important to turn off all power to the fan before you change globes in your fan light.

Remember to use a tissue to hold the globe if you are replacing a halogen globe. Avoid touching the halogen globe with your fingers as body moisture and dirt may shorten the life span of the globe. Do not exceed suggested light globe wattages.

Changing Remote Batteries

Batteries used in remote hand pieces will weaken over time and should be replaced every 6 months before leakage occurs as this will damage the hand piece. Batteries removed from the remote hand piece should be disposed properly and kept out of reach of children.

Normal Wear and Tear

Threaded components working slightly loose or blade carriers even slightly bent due to vigorous cleaning or bumping can cause wobble and noise. This is not covered by warranty, but little care and maintenance can reduce or even prevent these problems.