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Energy Saving Tips for the New Year

With the New Year comes the long list of New Year’s resolutions. Some resolutions are to go to the gym regularly, to eat healthy, be kinder, clean up the house, or save more money.

One place where we can save money is how we use energy in our homes. Power bills sometimes can be hefty, if we are not smart in how we utilise our powered appliances at home. Management of power is the key to reducing your power bills. With the right management, practice, and usage, you will see some significant reduction in your power bills.

Below are some tips on how you can be more energy efficient at home, and thus save more on your utility bills.

1.    Minimise the need for heating and cooling devices.

It is estimated that the average Australian home uses 40% of its power consumption on heating and cooling devices. Try to reduce your dependency on them. Have your home properly ventilated and insulated. Close the windows and curtains, or have some external coverings such as awnings, pergolas, or shutters, especially for windows that face east and west. This will deflect direct sunlight from your home. And when evening comes, open up your house to let the cooler evening breeze come in.

Make sure that your air conditioning devices are well maintained, so they can utilise power efficiently. Use electric fans instead of air conditioner if possible, as they consume lesser power. Heat and cool only rooms that you are using for that time.

2.    Watch your home appliances.

Turn off appliances when not in use. Even on standby mode, they are still using some energy. Dry your clothes on the clothesline when the weather is good, instead of using your clothes dryer. Wash and dry your clothes only on full load. Iron clothes in batches, to minimise heating and reheating of your iron every time you iron your clothes.

When buying new appliances, always check its energy rating. The more stars it has, the more energy efficient it is. Make sure that the fridge door is always shut tightly so cold air can’t escape. Set fridge temperature between 3° to 5° Celsius, and the freezer to       -15° to -18° Celsius. Get rid of your second fridge, if you have one. It can save you more than $150 a year.

Energy Saving Tips for the New Year - energy saving tips

3.    Use LED lights.

Not only do LED lights last longer, they also consume much less power than halogen and fluorescent lights. When it comes to lighting, use lamps when only a small amount of light is needed, instead of the main lights in the house. Make use of natural light whenever possible. Lastly, make it a habit to turn off lights when leaving the room.

4.    Use solar power.

Use solar energy wherever applicable. You can install solar powered lights in your garden and backyard, which can store energy during the day and instantly light up at night time.

5.    Utilise hot water efficiently.

Generating hot water accounts for around 25% of your energy consumption. Stick to quick and short showers. Ditch the unnecessary heated towel rails. Set the tap to cold, to avoid wasting hot water being cooled in the water pipe.

Do you want to have a healthy and energy efficient home? Do you want to save on your power bills? Call Rovert Lighting and Electrical for advice on LED lighting and visit our showroom to see the amazing array of options possible in all styles. We have LED lighting, ceiling fans and ventilation fans to help make your home cooler and more energy efficient. Call us now for a free assessment of your home!

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