Cleaning Stainless Steel Fans

People often think that if a product is made of stainless steel then it will be completely stain free. However this is not the case, Stainless Steel is not “stain free” or “corrosion proof.” The amount will vary depending on the conditions the product is put into, but you can help prevent tea stains and surface rust through regular cleaning of your stainless steel products. Like all your other stainless steel products your stainless steel ceiling fan will require regular cleaning.

Stainless steel is not a magic material, it is by and large resistant to corrosion and Grade 316L (the grade we use) is perfectly suited for ceiling fans in coastal environments. From many years experience we find there does seem to be a lot of misunderstanding about stainless steel in general, both by customers and some sales outlets.

“Stainless steel” will not suffer structural corrosion or damage that affects the strength or usefulness of the base metal when exposed to normal environmental conditions. Stainless Steels protect themselves by forming a chromium oxide surface layer that prevents harmful oxidation (rusting) of the iron that makes up the bulk of the material.

Stainless Steels are not stain free, corrosion proof or even rust proof. Corrosion does occur with stainless steel, the difference between stainless and normal steel is that the rate of corrosion is much lower and not likely to be structurally significant. The finish and cosmetic appearance of Stainless Steel is very dependent on the maintenance regime employed.

To ensure your fan stays in good condition Hunter Pacific recommends at least seasonal cleaning (4 times per year) of stainless steel fans and more regularly for ones that are installed in outdoor or coastal locations. Wipe the Cleaning Stainless Steel Fans with a soft damp cloth to remove dust and excess moisture. After cleaning, dry fan with a soft dry cloth. NOTE: You can remove the blades from your Cleaning Stainless Steel Fans for easier cleaning.

If tea stains or surface rust are already present the you should try using new nylon scourers* along with mild detergent and hot water. Make sure you rub the stainless steel in the direction of the grain to avoid damaging the finish.

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